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    Astracraft: game where you build your combat robot, wins new 5v5 map

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    astracraft, the competitive sandbox creation game from NetEase games. The “Spin in ARMS” update arrived on May 14th and brought a lot of new features. New cores, new items, new modules and a new 5v5 King of the Hill map are available.

    Launch of new modules:

    • New “Armored Mouse” core: morph into a ball and propel yourself forward to quickly escape danger.
    • Vertical Mechanocrus “Solo Dance Steps”: movement module that transforms anywhere. Can walk upright or move quickly on wheels.
    • "Bubble Gun" Floating Projectiles: Shoots bubbles that cling to enemy vehicles and levitate them, exposing their weak points.
    • “Bright Starlight” stun grenade: Throws a stun grenade at the set location that explodes to blind surrounding enemy vehicles.
    • Time Marker “Retroactive Anchor”: places a Time Marker that remains fixed for a period of time. Release during this period to return to the marker location.

    New Trigger Parts Released: Use them in the Party Editor to add unique elements to the Party.

    • Mobile Platform: A platform with horizontal or vertical movement.
    • Large Pendulum: A pendulum that swings and pushes vehicles away.
    • Large Windmill: Windmill with three rotating blades that drive away nearby vehicles.
    • Rotating Portal: An automatic rotating portal that can strike with force.
    • Rolling Rock Launcher: Fires a rolling rock that pushes vehicles in its path away.
    • Lightning Tower: Draws lightning from time to time to destroy units in the area.
    • Explosive Barrel: explodes when hit, knocking nearby units away.
    • Panel on Springs: step on it to be launched into the sky.
    • Flamethrower Block: A fiery floor block. Clearly it's a bad idea to touch him.
    • Use these new triggers and traps to create fun new Party maps!

    Download the game from the link below. Single link for Android and iOS.

    Source: Press release

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