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    Asphalt Overdrive is a racing game with the look of the 80s (Android and iOS)

    Asphalt Overdrive, the first spin-off of the Asphalt series, is a racing and chase game, inspired by the movies and series of the 80s. The game is not exactly a racing game. In Asphalt Overdrive, you will have to fulfill missions and escape from the police, the gameplay follows the “running” style.

    Asphalt Overdrive's commands are the same as in games like Subway Surfers and others. However, Asphalt Overdrive has a more organic gameplay, the player will have to jump on platforms and hit the sides of cars in order to earn nitro.

    The game is divided into missions and a map appears on the screen with missions that can be selected or go for the daily challenge. By completing missions, the player earns money that can be exchanged for improvements to his car or buying a new car.

    The highlight of Asphalt Overdrive is its setting in the 80s. From music, sets and even cars, Asphalt Overdrive is pure neon, pink and nostalgic fun for those born in this magical time. There are some easter eggs in the game, such as cars inspired by 80's series like "Squad Class A", "The Super Machine" and others.


    Asphalt Overdrive is yet another excellent addition to Gameloft's library of games. The game is free to download and is all in Spanish. The look is impressive, even on devices with little processing power. The soundtrack, my God, is excellent! But it's not all flowers, the game requires a lot of internet connection, downloading additional parts constantly, something that gets annoying.

    Link to Download on Android (Free)

    Advertising: No | Internet connection required: Yes (a lot!)
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.0, 4.1 or higher
    Spanish language

    Also available on iOS.

    [originally published September 25, 2014]

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