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    Asphalt 8: “Metal” technology for iOS leaves the game with unbelievable graphics

    The “Metal” technology that will come in the iOS 8 and will be able to be used in next-generation Apple devices will profoundly transform the way we will see smartphone and tablet games. An example is the game Asphalt 8 Airborne, game that received an exclusive update for “Metal”. Check out the video below demonstrating how the game will be on new Apple devices with “Metal”.

    Amazing isn't it? In addition to the much greater amount of shaders and effects on the screen, the game displays a lot more reflections and details for each car. The update also had an impact on gameplay. Now there are many more cars on the screen.

    In some races it is possible to see up to 24 competitors, before the maximum was 8. Another novelty is a totally insane track that passes through an aircraft carrier, with the right to fly alongside a fighter.

     What is Metal?

    Metal is the new graphics API exclusive to Apple devices (iPhone and iPads). The new API will only work on devices with A7 chips or higher, leaving iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 out. Metal will only work on the following devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhones 6 Plus, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina 2.

    In the presentation of the new API, which took place at WWDC 2014 in June of this year, Apple presented several examples of how the Metal API can dramatically increase the amount of polygons and effects on the screen. One of the highlights of the API is the possibility to also use the CPU, which used to be partially idle.


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