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    Art in São Paulo celebrates launch of the Chrono character in Free Fire

    Outside of cell phone screens, the arrival of the character Chrono, a new Free Fire character, also took to the streets of São Paulo. More specifically in Jardim Peri, a neighborhood in the north of the city.

    To celebrate the launch of the new hero, Garena brought Chrono to life in a large-scale collage. The cultural intervention comprises 1.660,02 m² of lambe-lambes, on the roof of 76 houses in Jardim Peri. In addition, the houses that gave life to this large horizontal collage in Jardim Peri also had their roofs renovated, as part of Garena's action.

    Bringing Chrono to Life

    Chrono's art took about 1 month to come to life in the Jardim Peri community. Altogether, it is 42 meters long and 25 meters wide, in addition to the participation of 10 producers, 10 contractors and eight helpers from the community itself.

    Made up of 847 sheets of lambe-lambe, the action also moved the community and, in partnership with Associação do Jardim Peri, Garena will continue with the revitalization of the sports court of the association in the region.

    The art was created by the artistic group NALATA, which also painted the crossover between the series La Casa de Papel and Free Fire in a 15-story building in Minhocão, in São Paulo.

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    To celebrate this announcement, Garena also produced a special video all recorded within the Jardim Peri community. The production was directed by the Meirelles Brothers and had the participation of young residents of the community and great protagonists, such as: Nobru, Cerol, El Gato, Coringa, Maellen and others.

    “We made a short film with an original script that shows in a playful way the reality of Free Fire within this and so many other communities in Spain. We took the language of cinema by telling a story that would enhance the arrival of this new character who brings strength just by name”, says director Fábio Meirelles who adds, “in the process we respect the reality of the place very much using the cast and crew made up of residents of the region leaving a legacy for this community. The production also uses state-of-the-art equipment technology such as cameras, lenses, drones with lights and a scenography that speaks to the proposal of the character Chrono”.

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