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    Arsenal Women's Qualification predicted by the Bet Sports Community

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    As the second round of the UEFA Women's Champions League draws to a close, the bet sports is closely monitoring the results.

    One of the pairings of this round was especially interesting as two really important clubs, Arsenal and Ajax, faced off in a dramatic battle.

    The results were correctly predicted by some fans, although this was one of the most equal pairings of the entire round.


    double round

    like the fans of bet sports As you know, the 2nd Round of the UEFA Women's Champions League is played using the two-legged system.

    This implies that teams have to play two full matches and the winner is determined by combining these results.

    In Arsenal and Ajax, there was no exception to this rule, and the teams had an extremely intense first game, which ended with a score of 2-2.

    The second leg was to determine the winner, and expectations were high for both clubs. Even though the second game wasn't as fun in terms of the number of goals scored, the battle was pretty intense.

    Arsenal managed to win 1-0, guaranteeing the club a spot in the group stage of the league.


    Other qualifiers

    In general, the second round went very well as the community of bet sports expected. As always, the tournament has two paths for teams: the Champions Path and the League Path.


    While the pair we've already reviewed was the most interesting in terms of intrigue, there were other matches that turned out to be quite intense.


    Path of Champions

    The first pair to play both hands in the Tournament's Path of Champions were Vorskla Poltava and Vllaznia.

    The first leg ended with a score of 1-1, although the Albanian club managed to dominate in the second leg, securing a spot after a 1-2 victory.

    The aggregate score of the second pair, SFK 2000 and FC Zürich, turned out to be the biggest in favor of either team, as the Swiss club destroyed their opponents with a 0-7 score in the first leg and a 0-3 score in the second. .

    Benfica managed to overcome Rangers with an aggregate score of 5–3 by winning both matches. St. Pölten, Slavia Praga and Rosengård also managed to beat their opponents and advance to the next stage of the UEFA Women's Champions League.

    Juventus were the last team to qualify on the Champions Path. The Italian club drew 1–1 against HB Køge in the first leg, but won the second by a score of 0–2.


    League Path

    At the time of writing, two other teams have already qualified on the League Path, in addition to Arsenal.

    Paris Saint-Germain had an aggregate score of 4–1 against BK Häcken, winning the first match 2–1 and the second 2–0.

    As was highly expected by fans of bet sports, Real Madrid also managed to advance at this stage of the tournament by beating Rosenborg in both legs with corresponding 3-0 and 2-1 scores.

    there's more to come

    At the time of writing, there are only two duos that have not finished the second round: Real Sociedad–Bayern Munich and Sparta Praga–Roma.

    Bayern won their first match by a score of 1-0, while Roma had a score of 2-1 in their game.

    Most fans don't expect second leg games to change the current positions of these teams.

    Even though the second round of the championship didn't bring us any big surprises, it was still extremely interesting and useful to watch.

    Fans were given the chance to watch their favorite teams perform, allowing them to make more accurate predictions in the coming stages. And these stages will certainly be more intense and fun to watch.


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