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    Ark Legends: new RPG started a closed beta test on Android

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    The long-awaited gacha RPG developed by Melting Games, Ark Legends, entered closed beta test this Wednesday (01). In addition, the game is also in early access on Google Play. The game looks like an open world game and many will compare it to Genshin Impact, but in reality, Ark Legends has turn-based and automatic combat.

    It is not yet known for sure how long this new test will last or if it is still possible to sign up for it. Even if you can't play this new beta, Melting Games gives us the opportunity to earn in-game and non-game rewards through pre-registration. Check out a gameplay of the Ark Legends closed beta test made on our secondary channel:

    This pre-registration can only be done on the game's official website. the devs. promise rewards and benefits up to 1 million pre-registered players, plus the chance to compete for Amazon gift-cards and airpods, also on the game's website.

    Ark Legends is a gacha roleplaying game with deck-building elements set in the lands of Ark World, where you can recruit heroes, proceed through stages, defeat demons, explore the world and face bosses.

    Battles take place automatically, and players can trigger each hero's special manually. In exploration, the player has autonomy and the camera position is also different compared to the angle in battles.

    Another thing that stands out right away is the appearances of the characters, which are a little more cartoonish than the anime-style graphics that are often used in this type of game. Ark Legends also has 6 hero classes, each with specific and unique abilities.

    Ark Legends has a release window for 2022, but the official date is still unknown. The game is also fully in English, weighing in at 2.7GB in the closed beta test, this test being exclusive to Android devices.

    Fonte: droidgamers

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