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    Arena Breakout: Tencent's new game similar to "Escape from Tarkov"

    Arena Breakout it's a new game of open world e survival with first-person shooter. Developed by Tencent, this game for Android e iOS bears many similarities to a popular PC game and many fans are already dubbed the game “Escape from Tarkov Mobile”.

    The Arena Breakout beta test launched in China just over three days ago. The game can be played by shooting and survival fans who are in Spain. To do this, just download the game's APK.


    Like Escape from Tarkov, Arena Breakout focuses on elements of survival and realism. In the game, there is no map or visual indications of where the enemies are, or where the shots are coming from. The game has a huge list of items like weapons, vests, medicine, food, etc. that need to be collected and stored.

    When starting the game, a clock appears in the corner of the screen and you have less than 40 minutes to find the exit location on the map. In Arena Brekout, you play in a group with other players, but you'll have to face opposing teams and bots much smarter than in other online shooting games. So, like Escape from Tarkov, the game focuses on realism and difficulty. Don't expect softness.


    Arena Breakout was first presented at ChinaJoy 2021. The Tease Trailer did not show gameplay, only non-interactive scenes and comments on what the game would be like.

    Tencent Games introduced Arena Breakout as a hardcore FPS with flexible gameplay and weapon customization system with many options.

    “If you fail, you will lose all your loot that you carry”, this is the essence of this type of game.

    Also according to the producer, there will be 12 different states for your character. He may feel: pain, hunger, limb injury and much more. The game will have many survival elements.

    Heavy game, prepare your android phone

    Arena Breakout is no joke, the game has “heavy” minimum requirements.

    To participate in the beta test, you must have at least one Snapdragon 800+ series, preferably 835 onwards. The game requires 6GB of RAM to participate in the beta test.

    However, this is to participate in the beta test. It may be that at launch, the game will be "lighter".

    Beta testing

    Arena Breakout beta testing started on the 10th in China. There is no word yet on whether the game will be released globally.

    Official website (Chinese)


    Developer: Tencent
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 8.0 or higher
    Language: Chinese | Size: 1.7 GB

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