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    Area F2 is in pre-registration on Google Play

    The shooting game Area F2, one of the most awaited by fans of FPS games is in pre-registration on Android. The game page can be accessed by anyone. The developers inform that the game can be released at any time.

    With pre-registration, you will be notified when the game launches. And by release, it's release!

    According to the producer, the game will be tested first in some regions, so it may appear as “released” in Spain out of the blue. That's why it's important to pre-register.

    Envelope or Area F2:

    In Area F2, the first CQB FPS for mobile devices, players fight in ultra-realistic environments as an attacker or defender, playing as one of several agents, each with their own special ability. All roofs and walls can be reinforced or destroyed, challenging players' skills and tactics as each wall can become a potential entry point.

    Choose from 20+ elite agents, each based on real-life special forces. Use a machine gun to fire suppressive fire, destroy walls with explosive arrows, or plant contact mines at possible entry points. Each agent has their own unique device, resulting in a wide range of tactical combinations and interactions.

    Think three-dimensionally with realistic and varied environments. In these fully destructible environments, attackers can destroy walls to create their own entry points, while defenders can reinforce doors and windows to deter attacks.


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