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    Apple cuts its revenue to 15% to help small developers

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    Apple has just announced its “App Store for Small Business” program. Starting January 1, 2021, developers earning up to $1 million a year will take a 15% cut in their App Store “fees”. Previously, for each sale of a game or in-app purchase, small developers had to share 30% of their revenue with Apple, now they only have to pay 15% and keep up to 85% of the revenue.

    The proposal also works as a stimulus to attract talents to the Apple ecosystem. It is worth remembering that other stores such as Google Play (Android) and Valve (PC) are irreducible in their 30% fees.

    Apple claims this will benefit the vast majority of developers and companies that sell products and services on the App Store. As we said above, this 15% also applies to in-game and in-app purchases.

    It's interesting to know that at this point, Apple has special treatment for Amazon (and its Prime) and a tremendous "middle finger" for Fortnite. Epic staged a massive protest and campaign against Apple's fees. In the end, the creator of Fortnite had its main game banned from the App Store and still suffered legal defeats.

    Now Apple decides to reduce App Store fees by 15%, but only for small developers.

    Ai Ai, essa Apple.

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