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    App Tip: Learn games that support controllers with Android Gamepad Games

    if you bought one bluetooth control for your Android or use a tip like, for example, connecting a USB controller via OTG to your Android phone, you would probably like a list of games that support controllers right? The problem is that Google Play doesn't provide this information. But we have the solution, the app Android gamepad games.

    With this app, you will find a well-documented list of games that support controllers. The app classifies games according to button standards: “Gametel/Xperia/Generic gamepad”, “Nvidia Shield”, “Any Gamepad”, “Xbox 360 gamepad”, “Moga gamepad” and “Keyboard”.

    The interface is a bit messy, but the amount of games presented makes up for this problem. The app also shows emulators. In total there are more than 900 games with controller support.

    In addition to knowing and having the link to games that support controls, Android Gamepad Games also identifies the games that installer on your device are supported. So, if you have a large library of games on your device, it's easy to recognize and launch only those that support controllers.

    Supported Controls: MOGA, MOGA PRO, Wamo, Ipega, Gametel, Generic USB Controllers (those PS3 controller clones), PS3 Controllers, Xbox 360, Wii and many others.

    Link to Download on Android (Free)

    Advertising: Yes
    Contains built-in purchases: For banner pick-up only
    Requires Android 2.3, 4.0, 4.1 or higher
    Language: English | Size: 11 MB

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