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    Apex Legends Mobile: youtubers show “fanmade” as if it were official

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    Recently, videos with tests for the mobile version of Apex Legends. However, the videos released so far are of a version “fanmade“. Many youtubers started posting videos as if it were the official version of the game.

    The demo version is actually another one of those “fan-made games”, just like versions of GTA V, The Last of US and Cuphead for Android.

    The so-called “Apex Legends Mobile” even has a start menu and character selection identical to the original game. But when starting the gameplay, it becomes evident that this is yet another “mini-project”.

    The character modeling was clearly copied from the files of the PC version of the game. The scenario is the part where the developer really needed to create from scratch, and as you can see, a job well done poorly.

    The clone, in fact, was first presented on the Legends Studios channel in early May.

    Despite looking promising, the fate of this fanmade version is the same as many other games of this “genre” on Android. A game that will always be in the “hype”, always in the “one day”, which will never come.

    This is yet another sad chapter in the age of disinformation we live in today. The exaggerated hype in mobile games makes players fall for various types of “clickbait” and even “fake games”, as in this case.

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