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    Apex Legends Mobile: Release Date and Minimum Requirements

    You should already know that Apex Legends Mobile was confirmed by EA. Andrew Wilson CEO already confirmed the existence of the production of the mobile version. It remains to be seen when the release date and minimum requirements will be.

    See everything there is so far of information about Apex Legends Mobile and our thoughts on this release.

    – Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

    First, let's recap all the information that exists about this Apex Legends Mobile.

    It all started in November 2019, when Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, confirmed that the game would be released in FY 2021 and that it would arrive in app stores by October 2020.

    [UPDATE MAY 2021]


    But due to the new coronavirus pandemic, things must have gotten a little complicated.

    The matter resurfaced again in February 2020. A transcript of a company report revealed that EA is looking for a “Chinese business partner” for the development of Apex Legends Mobile.

    Will it be Tencent? Studio Timi? Or would it be NetEase?

    “To deploy the game on mobile devices in China, we are working with a partner there. We are very excited about the opportunity,” confirmed EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen.

    However, in June 2020, the investment adviser, Daniel Ahmad, known for having leaked first hand, several information about the mobile version of PUBG, posted a video in which the director of EA says that Apex Legends will be released in soft launch em 2021.

    During the investor chat, EA Executive Director (CEO) Andrew Wilson said, "We've talked about releasing Apex Legends later this year." It is worth remembering that Andrew mentioned Apex Legends shortly after talking about the Mobile market. Which implies that both subjects are “connected”.


    – The Nintendo Switch version can say a lot about Mobile

    Particularly, I, Darius, am very skeptical about a mobile version of Apex Legends. In my opinion, when EA directors talk about “mobile”, they may also be referring to the Nintendo Switch version.

    On June 18, 2020, EA held an online event to present various games and news. Among the news was the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends.

    This version is “super confirmed” and its beta test will happen exactly as the CEO of EA said it would happen on mobile. As informed in the video above, the game arrives “This Fall” (Autumn).

    In my opinion – I could be wrong – we are dealing with “two rumors” and “two versions” and treating everything as if it were one. There is the Switch version – which is officially confirmed – and a mobile version that, so far, has not had an official announcement.

    - Minimum requirements

    For now there is no information on how the gameplay will be, characters already enabled, map. Nothing has been reported so far.

    Nothing has been said about the Nintendo Switch version at all. According to the video above, the Respawn representative just made a point of “getting this rumor straight” and confirming the Switch version.

    Again in my opinion, Apex Legends Mobile can become a very heavy game, which will require powerful devices as minimum requirements.

    Compatible phones? You can expect something just for top of the line.

    Remember that the reality in other countries is very different from ours here in Spain. Smartphones like the Pocophone F1, Mi 8 and the like are already considered “old” (2018) devices.

    The devices mentioned above already run Fortnite with graphics with a visually reduced resolution. Fornite on Android, nowadays it only looks good on Snapdragon 855 onwards.

    So an Apex Legends Mobile could be released with the false impression of being light (as happened with COD Mobile), and in a few months, with content being constantly added, the game was already pretty heavy.

    [originally published August 7, 2020]

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