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    Apex Legends Mobile: minimum requirements and supported phones

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    New information has emerged about Apex Legends Mobile. This time with the minimum requirements, compatible cell phones and the producer behind the game that will be released by EA for Android and iOS.

    According to the website IGN India, Apex Legends Mobile is under development by Tencent with the help of Respawn (the studio responsible for the console and PC version), the game will enter beta testing this first semester in China and will have versions for Android and iOS.


    Minimum requirements to play Apex Legends Mobile

    On iOS, the minimum requirement to run Apex Legends Mobile will be an Apple device with A11 Bionic Processor. In other words, the game will be compatible with devices like iPhone 8 or higher.

    The minimum requirement to run Apex Legends Mobile on Android will be a Snapdragon 625 or higher.

    Our opinion

    Here we have a point of divergence, as as everyone knows, the A11 Bionic is much more powerful in terms of processing than the Snapdragon 625.

    Anyway, for those who have a Snapdragon 625 processor or equivalent, it's not good to get too excited about the news, as it may be that the game arrives much "heavier" than expected. Or else, it will be compatible but with a very impaired gameplay.

    We are eyeing the launch of Apex Legends Mobile, according to the previous news, the game will start its beta test in China in the coming months.

    Is it Timi Studio behind the mobile version of Apex? This studio has already given us COD Mobile and an excellent version of PUBG that has unfortunately been retired.

    Source: IGN India

    [originally published February 11, 2021]

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