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    Apex Legends Mobile is the most downloaded game of the week in Spain

    In the land of Free Fire, has Apex Legends Mobile become king?

    Apex Legends Mobile turned the game most downloaded on Google Play and App Store in Spain this week. The Battle Royale game not only dethroned Free Fire (which was already in decline around here) but games that returned to “bomb” in the Spanish Play Store such as Subway Surfers and Stumble Guys.

    EA game immediately stands out in the Google and Apple app stores (Photo: Playback)

    The arrival of Apex Legends on mobile surprised those who expected the game to please only a niche audience. With the recent rise of games like Stumble Guys and the return of old classics like Subway Surfers, everyone thought the “Battle Royale” fad was over. What a mistake.

    As soon as the title became available, players rushed to download it and be surprised. In addition to the above-average quality, Apex Mobile proved to be a “lighter” game than expected. It manages to run reasonably even on “weak” smartphones as some tend to define.

    Apex went straight to #XNUMX on Google Play this week! (Photo: Reproduction)


    It is noteworthy that Free Fire is without a doubt the most popular Battle Royale in Spain, even so, its number of downloads is low and it has been a long time since Garena's game has been among the top 5 of the most downloaded games in the world. Google Play. I came to think that the Spanish public would be tired of the genre, but from what I saw this week, I was wrong.


    Of course I know that with time the game will fall from the first position. But this demonstrates the trend that mobile gamers increasingly want to see their competitive PC games on mobile.

    On mobile we already have PUBG (two versions), League of Legends, Fortnite and Apex. In the very near future, new PC games will arrive such as: Rogue Company, Valorant, Rainbow Six and COD Warzone.

    It's not possible to say how players of other styles will react to the arrival of so many games like this, but it's certainly a good time for fans of competitive shooters.

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