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    Apex Legends Mobile: How to Download the Game on Google Play Philippines (VPN)

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    See a step-by-step tutorial on how to pre-register and then download and play Apex Legends Mobile on Google Play Philippines.


    • In this tutorial we will teach you how to use VPN to create a Google Play account in the Philippines.
    • How to pre-register.
    • How to download the game directly from Google Play Philippines.



    Step 1. The first step is to download a VPN app. For this tutorial, we are going to use the PandaVPN, as it has servers in the Philippines which is where the APEX Legends Mobile game is currently available.

    Step 2. Once installed, launch the app, and tap “Smart Connect”.


    Step 3. Search for the Philippines server and click on it.


    Step 4. After that, tap on “Free Use”, an ad will open. Watch the ad and then close it. After that, the VPN will be active.

    Step 5. Now go to Google Play and tap on your profile to access the three-dot menu. Then click on “Add another account”.



    Step 6. Tap on “Create Account” and then on “For Me”.


    Step 7. Add a first and last name. Put names to make it easier to identify this account as a Philippine VPN account.

    Step 8. Enter the requested data.

    Step 9. Choose one of the emails it indicates.

    Step 10. Set a strong password.


    Step 11. In this part you can click on “Skip”.

    Step 12. Then just follow the standard procedure for creating an account. If you don't know, just follow the image below and your account is ready.


    Step 11. Now close everything and go back to Google Play. You will already be on Google Play Philippines.

    Note how some functions will change like the age rating which now shows years instead of emblems as it is here in Spain.

    Just search for the Legends Mobile APK and the game will be there. Pre-register it.

    Step 12. Now comes the most annoying step. You will need to wait for an email to let you know that you have been selected for the beta. If you receive this email, turn on the VPN and access Google Play Philippines (the account we created) and the option to download APEX Legends Mobile will now be available on the game page.

    [originally published May 20, 2021]

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