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    Apex Legends Mobile Beta Starts This April

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    Yes, he is here. Check out the first official images and information about the Apex Legends Mobile beta test. The long-awaited Battle Royale arrives later this month on Android and iOS.

    Who gave the information itself was EA itself. The Apex Legends director set the tone and a post on the EA website.

    Starting later this month, we will begin the first regional beta tests of Apex Legends Mobile. This is a big moment for our team. Two years ago, we changed the landscape of the battle royale genre, and now we're trying to do it again on mobile devices.

    The post also answers some questions from players. One of the answers is particularly interesting. Yes, the original Respawn team is working on Apex Legends Mobile.

    The first beta tests of Apex Legends Mobile will be held in that country as always: the Philippines. The novelty is that the test will be open in India as well. Spain for now nothing, but according to the producers, more regions will be opened soon.

    Apex Legends Mobile will be a different version of Apex Legends. It won't be exactly the same game, as with Fortnite, for example. Because of this, the mobile version will not have crossplay platform with consoles.

    For more information, visit the official website.



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