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    Apex Legends Mobile arrives on the 17th, see requirements and compatible phones

    Apex Legends Mobile finally won its “final” date, so to speak, of release. The mobile game will be released globally on May 17th, both in Android and not iOS.

    This is the end of yet another “novel” in the launch of a mobile game. But compared to other games, the launch of Apex Legends Mobile was fast. The first rumor about the game was in 2019.

    With beta testing going on for a year, the anticipated releases of the game were slowly unfolding until it passed very close to Spain.

    The look and gameplay of Apex Legends Mobile is very close to the PC and console versions. See the minimum requirements.



    Requirements to play Apex Legends Mobiole


    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 or higher;
    • RAM memory: 2 GB or more;
    • Internal space: 4 GB or more;
    • Android version: 6.0 or later.


    • iPhone 6S or higher;
    • RAM memory: 2 GB or more;
    • Internal space: 4 GB or more;

    Recommended requirements to play Apex Legends Mobile on Android

    • Snapdragon 700 or higher
    • 4GB of RAM or more
    • at least 8 GB of internal space

    As everyone is tired of knowing, companies tend to give very vague technical requirements that often don't match reality, especially on Android. With that in mind, we decided to put together a list of phones compatible with Apex Legends, to give you an idea of ​​what kind of smartphone will run the game., which is quite “heavy” by the way.

    Apex Legends Mobile compatible phones

    Apex Legends Mobile is not as optimized as EA claims. In fact, to run Apex Mobile well you will need at least a cell phone with Snapdragon 660 or higher.

    Warning: note that compatible doesn't mean it will run at 60fps. This list is of cell phones that will run the game at 23fps or 30fps. And obviously it will be with the graphics at minimum and in low resolution. Below is a list of phones that support Apex Legends at 60fps.

    This list is that even if the game appears as incompatible on Google Play, in reality it is compatible and runs Apex Legends Mobile.


    • Galaxy A12
    • Galaxy A21s
    • Galaxy A32
    • Galaxy A52
    • Galaxy S6, S7 and superiors


    • G7 is variants
    • E7 Plus
    • G8 Power
    • G9 is variants
    • G10
    • G20
    • G22
    • E20


    • POCO F1
    • MI A1
    • Redmi Note 7


    • Zenfone 4
    • Zenfone 5


    Mobiles to play Apex Legends Mobile at 60fps

    Here is the list that everyone wants to know, which smartphones will run the game at least 60fps. Some of the phones on the list can run the game up to 60fps, but it will depend on EA releasing the resources.


    • Galaxy S10, S10+ e S10 Lite
    • Galaxy S10 Lite
    • Galaxy S20 e S20 FE
    • Galaxy S21
    • Galaxy S22
    • Galaxy A53
    • Galaxy M52 5G


    • Edge 20
    • G60
    • G100
    • G200


    • POCO F3 and variants
    • POCO F4 from Variants
    • POCO X3 and variants
    • POCO X4 e variants
    • Redmi Note 10


    • Zenfone 8
    • ROG Phone 2 onwards


    • Realme 9+
    • Realme 9i
    • Realme gt


    Phones that will NOT run Apex Legends Mobile at all

    Below is the list of smartphones that no one wants to see theirs on. This list is of phones that will not run Apex Legends Mobile at all. It's easier to run the normal game via streaming (which I recommend).

    The reason these smartphones can't run Apex Legends Mobile is simple. The game requires at least a 64bit system, and although these smartphones have a 64bit processor, their system ROM is in 32bit.


    • Line J5, J5pro, J7, J7pro, J6, J6plus and J8.
    • a10, a10s, a01, a11, a20.


    • Moto c, Moto c plus, Moto G4, G4 plus, G5, G5 plus,G5s plus, G6 play, G6 plus, G7 play, todos Moto E antigos.


    • Todos LG k11,LG k12, LG k22, LG k40, k40s, LG k41s, LG k50s.


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