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    Apex Legends Mobile arrives in soft launch in Latin America, but Spain is left out

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    The time has come? No! Apex Legends Mobile was released in early access on  Latin America. But unfortunately Spain was left out. The shooting game is one of the most awaited by fans of the genre and is now available in countries like Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

    It sounds like a joke, but it's common for companies to release games where the audience isn't that big. Because the idea is to test the servers to avoid congestion.

    It's worth remembering that this is not the final release of the game, it's just an early access.

    How to Download Apex Legends Mobile and Play Now!

    But as we know that you are Spanish and you never give up, know that there is a possibility to test the game before launch.

    To test Apex Legends Mobile and download the game directly from Google Play in Argentina, simply install a VPN app like VPN.Lat. Most likely you will have to create a new Google Play account to be able to play, if you use your Google Play account from Spain, your smartphone will direct you to our Google Play.

    • Step 1. Download a VPN App
    • Step 2. Start VPN on a server in Argentina
    • Step 3. Create a new google account
    • Step 4. With VPN on, search for Apex Legends on Google Play.
    • Step 5. Start the download

    Once the download starts, you can turn off the VPN as it will be faster.

    Found it complicated, see a step by step tutorial here.

    Apex Legends Mobile weighs around 2.6GB and requires a relatively powerful smartphone. EA hasn't published the requirements, but don't expect to run the game on anything other than at least a Snapdragon 700 series with at least 4GB of RAM.


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