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    Antartica 88: Offline FPS for Android and iOS (FREE)

    Antarctic 88 is a horror game with versions for Android e iOS. the game is available for free and é offline. Get ready to embark on a suspenseful journey with plenty of references to movies like “The Thing” and series like Stranger Things. It even has a “Russian DemoGorgon”.

    With very beautiful visuals and first-person gameplay, Antartica 88 shows all the strength, and goodwill, of indie developers. The game doesn't even have any in-app purchases. The only ones that exist are to remove ads, unlock all levels or, lo and behold, give the developers a pizza.

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    Developed by the creators of Death Park, Antartica 88 is not just a horror game. You're not just going to run away. The title is a shooter too. Much of the gameplay will be shooting creatures that seem to have come out of another world.

    The story of the game takes place in the station “Antarctica 1”. Station communication stopped six weeks ago. As part of the rescue party, the player must find out what happened. Once there, the situation is terrifying.

    Video credits, PQ Gameplay channel.

    The game is short, it's only an hour of gameplay to go from start to finish, but because it's 100% free, it's really worth knowing. The game has Spanish subtitles and even has a nice story. It would be very interesting for developers to turn the game into a series, as this type of content works very well on mobile. A good example of this is the Cube Escape series.



    Developer: Euphoria Horror Games
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 or higher
    Spanish language
    Size: 300 MB

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