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    Animus: The “Dark Souls Mobile” returns to Google Play

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    After a sinister beef involving security and permissions issues on Android, Animus Stand Alone, Animus Herald and IRE: Blood Memory return to Google Play.

    According to TenBirds, the games' producer, who "deleted" the games from Google Play was an error by a Google bot that misidentified that the games were potentially malicious and should be removed from the store and customers' devices.

    Also according to the producer, Google closed the TenBirds developer account on the Play Store without any prior notice. It was something that made it difficult for games to immediately come back to the store.

    A brief change in the game's code was enough for them to be forwarded again on Google Play and updated and released to the public.

    This sort of thing is quite common. Right here at Mobile Gamer Spain, we already had the apps removed because Google demanded an update to Android 9.0.

    Fortunately, everything was resolved and the games are back on Google Play. Be sure to check out these games, they are very good.

    Download Link (ANDROID)

    Developer: TenBirds
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.3
    Language: Spanish | Size: 700MB (needs 2.2GB after installed)


    [originally published March 26, 2019]

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