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    Animus is the Dark Souls you've been waiting for on mobile

    Animus - Stand Alone is a 3D action game that is already being dubbed “Dark Souls" for cell. The game has an amazing look and gameplay very similar to FromSoftware's classic. The game is available, for now, only for iPhone and iPad. Check out:

    The proposal is very similar to that of Dark Souls. Focus on building build and gameplay where you face multiple bosses. Animus – Stand Alone is paid and has no built-in purchases.

    The game is from the same producers as Ire: Blood Memory (Android e iOS) which indicates that the game should soon arrive on Android.

    Game Description on the App Store:

    Animus pays homage to punishment, albeit rewarding action games of a similar nature or genre. In that sense, it could be one of the rare and interesting additions to the App Store.

    If you like subtle and intense fights, this is for you. We don't smother the screen with excessive numbers or effects – immersive combat is the focus.

    Now, let's look for our monsters and meet them face to face.

    Animus – Stand Alone (Ire SA Edition) is the companion game that complements the ongoing work on Ire – Blood Memory.

    ◆◆◆ Background
    “Countless possibilities had been, as hope rose and fell, but all were beaten to the dust, ending the champions era. The lands now lie desolate and empty, but for the bitter shadows, enslaved in the falsehood of their own making. However... there is a left wandering the lands in crooked pilgrimage, to escape this prison... or end it."

    ◆◆◆ Game Features *
    . Standalone (offline capaz)
    . Tactical Action (RPG)
    . linear progression
    . Tense mechanical combat and boss fights
    . Pushing buttons will kill you
    . New perspective (literal and figurative)
    . New bosses and weapons
    . Cutscenes
    . 5 difficulty levels: Dawn, Midday, Twilight 1 ~ 3 (Day 1 ~ Day 5). 3 different endings (Dawn, Midday, Dusk)
    . 4 area themes
    . 24 main quests (by difficulty)
    . 13/17 sidequests (Dawn/Midday: 13, Twilight: 17)
    . 11 main boss fights (final boss in Twilight)
    . Compatible MFi Controller

    * Following updates: weapon type and boss

    ◆◆◆ Device Requirement
    . SO: iOS 10
    . iPhone*: iPhone 6 or higher
    . iPad: iPad Air 2 or higher
    . iPad Mini: iPad mini 4 or higher
    * Best on iPhone X
    (Note: Support MFi compatible controllers)

    Link to Download on iPhone and iPad

    Developer: 10 Birds
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires iOS 10.0
    Language: English | Size: 2 GB

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