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    Android: 55 Paid Apps and Games that are FREE (promotion)

    Check out games and apps that are free for a limited time this weekend on Google Play. A list with content worth hundreds of reais, but that you can download for free.

    Paid games that are free for a limited time

    In this week's free paid games, the highlight is again the horror games. With great 3D graphics, Mental Hospital 3 it's an unmissable game. It doesn't hurt to remember that most are OFFLINE GAMES.

    1. Ninja Knight
    2. Toca Blocks
    3. Mental Hospital III HD
    4. Sago Mini Farm
    5. Dragon slayer - io Rpg game
    6. Mystery of Fortune 2
    7. Mini Arcade Golf: Pocket Tours
    8. Pigs at War – Strategy Game
    9. Hills Legend HD
    10. Dead Bunker 4 Apocalypse
    11. Devil Twins: VIP
    12. Slime Flight: VIP (No Ads)
    13. Infinite Zombie: VIP (No Ads)
    14. BATTLESHIP: Official Edition
    15. Mind Games Pro
    16. Element TD

    Paid apps that are free for a limited time

    You will laugh, but the apps I found the coolest were the ones that teach math (grade Math) and one that teaches knots (Knots Video Guide). Every day we learn something new on this Google Play. the apps Locate-me It is interesting for those who have elderly parents, as it helps to locate the cell phone, and the person, with ease.

    1. Ultra-high Pixel Camera – Ultra-high Pixel Camera
    2. Car-Bluetooth-Activator
    3. Scale Mania
    4. All Reminder Pro + Widget
    5. 0 Quotes
    6. Poke Me - Water Drink Reminder
    7. LiquidPlayer Pro – music,equalizer,mp3,radio,3D
    8. Fake GPS Location PRO
    9. Knots Video Guide 2
    10. Second grade Math - Multiplication and Division
    11. Third grade Math – Multiplication
    12. Adding Fractions Math Trainer
    13. Character Design Generator
    14. Subtraction Math Game
    15. MSafe - Pro
    16. Localize-me 2
    17. LocateMe

    Customization and Icons

    Time to transform your Android. Check out a list of apps and icon packs that will make your device look completely different than usual. Of all the ones I liked the most was the Monochrome Wallpapers 4K Pro ( HD Backgrounds ) which has some really cool wallpapers.

    1. Minimal™️ Wallpapers 4K Pro HD Backgrounds
    2. Leaf Wallpapers 4K Pro HD Backgrounds
    3. Beach Wallpapers 4K PRO HD Backgrounds
    4. Flax - Icon Pack
    5. Krix Icon Pack
    6. Graby - Icon Pack
    7. Sparkles Wallpapers 4K PRO - Sparkles Backgrounds
    8. Cup Mugs Wallpapers 4K PRO (HD Backgrounds)
    9. Yoga Wallpapers 4K PRO - Yoga Backgrounds HD
    10. WINTER Wallpapers 4K PRO (HD Backgrounds)
    11. California Wallpapers 4K Pro (HD Backgrounds)
    12. Christmas Wallpapers 4K Pro HD Backgrounds
    13. Art Wallpapers 4K PRO - Art HD Backgrounds
    14. Monochrome Wallpapers 4K Pro ( HD Backgrounds )
    15. 4k-8k Ultra HD Wallz Pro Wallpaper
    16. Wamo - Icon Pack
    17. Homver - Icon Pack
    18. Birin - Icon Pack
    19. Fonry - Icon Pack
    20. Nia - Icon Pack
    21. Cirgus - Icon Pack
    22. Crumple - Icon Pack




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