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    Android: 50 Paid Apps and Games that are FREE (promotion)

    Today is Friday, and as usual, we bring you an amazing selection of paid games and apps that are free for a limited time. This week's list is excellent with a new game: Sigi, a 2D adventure that reminds fans of old Super Nintendo games.

    Paid games that are free for a limited time

    In paid games that are free on Google Play, the highlight is the cuddly Sigi. In this game (pictured above), we control a character that looks like a mix of Mario and Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins). A simple but captivating game and great to beat. As you might expect, most of the games on the list are OFFLINE.

    1. Sigi - To a Melusin fart
    2. Freelance Simulator: Game Developer Edition
    3. Buff Knight Advanced - Retro RPG Runner
    4. MathLand Full version: Arithmetic games
    5. Deadly Traps Premium
    6. Stone Of Souls
    7. Infinity Dungeon VIP
    8. Super Dangerous Trap
    9. Zombie City Defense
    10. Mental Hospital IV
    11. League of Stickman 2018- Ninja Arena PVP (Dreamsky)
    12. DeepAbyss
    13. Can You Escape - Rescue Lucy from Prison PRO
    14. Red Woods: Awakening
    15. Paranormal Territory 2
    16. God of Battle VIP
    17. Quik: Gravity Flip Platformer

    Paid apps that are free for a limited time

    Check out the paid apps that are free on Google Play. Apps to record your conversation, apps to play with Air (Augmented Reality), camera apps and much more. But of all, without a doubt, the most useful is the VPN app. Secure VPN Pro costs over 50 reais and is free! Enjoy!

    1. Secure VPN Pro
    2. Weather app pro
    3. Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) Pro
    4. AR Card Animals PRO
    5. HDCamera Pro
    6. Voice recorder pro
    7. 90s Radio Music Pro
    8. Music 80s Radio Pro
    9. Hydraulic CALC pro
    10. Digits
    11. Total Media Player Pro
    12. App lock & gallery vault

    Free icons and customization for a limited time

    Download amazing icon packs to customize your Android. In this section, you can also check animated wallpapers and other resources to customize your smartphone or tablet.

    1. Cartoon City 3D live wallpaper
    2. Three Wise Monkeys 3D
    3. Morine - Icon Pack
    4. Vano - Icon Pack
    5. Sugox - Icon Pack
    6. Exicon - Icon Pack
    7. Sixmon - Icon Pack
    8. Merrun - Icon Pack
    9. Fover – Icon Pack
    10. Widget Maker Premium
    11. Clock Maker Pro
    12. Mee Dark - Icon Pack
    13. Xocolat - Icon Pack
    14. Macibo - Icon Pack
    15. Elix – Icon Pack
    16. Nolum - Icon Pack
    17. Ravic - Icon Pack
    18. Upcakes - Icon Pack
    19. Vicibo – Icon Pack
    20. Mimber - Icon Pack
    21. Bemmer - Icon Pack

    Remembering that promotions are for a limited time. If instead of "Install", you see the price of the app or game on Google Play, it means that the promotion is over.

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