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    Android: 45 Paid Apps and Games that are FREE (promotion)

    Get ready for a selection of the best paid games and apps that are free right now on Google Play. This week's list is full of quality 2D games and apps that will help you improve your productivity or customize your smartphone and make it game-ready!

    Paid games that are free for a limited time

    This week's list of games brings no less than 20 paid games that are free. As this is a promotion, the game may already be out of it when you access the post. At least start downloading the games to ensure they are always free in your library.

    1. Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend TD - Premium
    2. Stickman Revenge 3: League of Heroes
    3. The Hunt for the Lost Treasure
    4. Farm Dr. Panda
    5. PUSH
    6. Hitman Sniper (This game is more free than
    7. Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG
    8. CashKnight
    9. Duck Warfare
    10. Archery : Archery Physics
    11. Dead Bunker 3: On a Surface
    12. Dead Bunker XNUMX HD
    13. Dumber League
    14. Farm and Click - Idle Hell Clicker Pro
    15. Farm and Click - Idle Farming Clicker PRO
    16. Hero's 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG
    17. Shadow of Death: Stickman Fighting - Dark Knight
    18. Freelancer Simulator: Game Developer Edition
    19. Buff Knight Advanced - Retro RPG Runner
    20. World Conqueror 4

    Paid apps that are free for a limited time

    Language teaching through smart apps has become a rage on Android. The highlight is, of course, Game Booster, an app that closes all apps in the background and prepares the system to run your games to the fullest!

    1. Game Booster: 2X Speed for games
    2. business spanish
    3. Protect SMS Pro -Lock and Send SMS -En / De Crypt
    4. Add and subtract within 20
    5. Addition and subtraction up to 10 in German
    6. Subtraction Math Trainer
    7. Math Shot Adding withing 10
    8. Hourly Weather Pro
    9. Auto call recorder Pro
    10. App Freezer: Force stop background apps (No root)
    11. GiGa File Manager – File Explorer Premium
    12. Athletica WatchFace Pro
    13. DocSense Pro (OCR Text Scanner)
    14. Browse Simply Gold - Fast Incognito Web Browser
    15. 15 Minute Workout
    16. Weight Checker PRO
    17. wheres my wifi
    18. Division Math Game
    19. Whatever… Voice To Do List
    20. Determinant of the Pro matrix
    21. Ekstar App Backup & Restore
    22. Ekstar Voice Recorder
    23. Apart from Notes
    24. Decimal to fraction Pro
    25. Third grade Math – Subtraction


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