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    Ancient Empires: Java mobile classics return on Android

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    The producer Statlex brought the two Ancient Empires games for cell phones Android. Both are in English and both are OFFLINE. Well known for its focus on strategy, the Ancient Empires series marked a generation of players who played on small cell phones with a color screen.

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    Ancient Empires and Ancient Empires Strike Back (Ancient Empires II) are turn-based strategy games. Launched by the late Macrospace in 2004, the games were very successful in Spain, where they were translated into Spanish.

    The Android versions are actually unofficial ports, but as the games have entered the “Abandonoware” category. The series was nominated for a BAFTA in the category of best mobile game of 2004.

    In both games, the player controls a group of warriors who fight monsters. You need to position troops and read enemy attacks in order to gain the upper hand. For example, placing archers in the rear is essential.

    The game reminds a little of classic games for Super Nintendo like Fire Emblem. But the mobile game franchise has built its own legacy and to this day, more than 13 years later, it is fondly remembered by gamers.

    By today's standards, the game is simple, because at that time, it was enough for the game to be very colorful to draw our attention. Producer Statlex has added new levels and a mode for creating quests.

    The commands of both games are simple. The player just taps the screen to indicate the position of his troops. There is a button to pass the turn. Everything is so simple and easy that we are even surprised at the ease with which we enjoy the game.

    Composed of missions identical to the original games, these two games still have extra missions and a new difficulty mode. Hard mode is especially suitable for veterans.

    For those who want to know what happened with Macrospace, a curiosity. The production company merged with Sorrent to form GLU Mobile. All this there in 2005 still.

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    Ancient Empires and Ancient Empires Strike Back (II) are free to download and play. There are paid versions that aim to encourage producers. The Statlex version features a level builder, multiplayer, extra missions and improved AI. A must for anyone who played these two classics.

    Link to Download on Android (Ancient Empires I)

    Link to Download on Android (Ancient Empires II)

    Developer: Statlex
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 2.2
    Language: English | Size: 10 MB

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