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    Analysis: What was missing from Gangstar New Orleans?

    Gangstar, New Orleans is a sandbox game released for Android, iOS e Windows 10. The game disappointed many players for being incompatible with their cell phones. But that's not where the main "problem" of this title lies. Check out what went wrong and made Gangstar New Orleans one of the "most hated" games by fans of the franchise.

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    – Welcome to New Orleans

    In Gangstar New Orleans, the player controls an unnamed character that will be customized by the player. At the beginning of the game, we are invited to enter the world of crime and try to dominate the city.

    Gangstar New Orleans is very different from a GTA or any other game in the Gangstar franchise itself. There is not the strength of a protagonist or plot that creates a sense of urgency in the player.

    Despite this, the game's presentation is great. The view is beautiful (although different) and the city looks rich and alive (it seems…). But that's just the initial impression of the game.

    – irrelevant history

    The Gangstar New Orleans kind of plot is not at all inspired. In fact, this is the franchise game that least gives the player that desire to know the story.

    From the reasons to start a criminal empire, to the protagonist who doesn't speak a line of dialogue, the history of New Orleans doesn't arouse any kind of curiosity. This is the game's biggest problem.

    Remember Gangstar: Miami Vindication where we had to save the protagonist's brother? And Gangstar Rio where we controlled a killer who wanted to leave the life of crime? Both have good plots, fun dialogues that made us curious about what would happen next.

    Of course, we missed mentioning the last game, Gangstar Vegas, which was released as a premium game and kept this line of showing the causes that led the character to the side of crime. The protagonist always fought for something or someone, and this motivated the player to embark on the criminal world. In New Orleans you're just a bandit, period.

    This lack of motive that leads you to commit crimes is even worse with the weak script of the game. All dialogue is empty and only exists to justify the next criminal mission. Not even the addition of E-Man made the game more fun. It works like this, someone says something needs to be stolen or someone deserves a lesson, and you're assigned to do the job. Who sent it or who's going to die doesn't matter.

    - Generic gameplay

    One of the biggest sins of Gangstar New Orleans is making it too generic. Racing missions, shooting, with boats and planes. After a while New Orleans becomes an extremely repetitive game.

    If it weren't for the reasonable gameplay, there would be no reason to go any further. The good news is that everything works very well. Walking, shooting, stealing vehicles. The bad news is that the city of New Orleans is expressionless. From apathetic drivers to dull pedestrians. There are no secrets or easter eggs to discover. Comparing Gangstar New Orleans with GTA V is a very bad joke.

    New Orleans is a boring city.

    It is evident that Gameloft has stripped the game of all AAA elements such as story, cutting-edge graphics and challenge. The production company turned Gangstar into a hobby, with short and repetitive missions.

    - Weak multiplayer

    This idea of ​​making a more casual Gangstar (less sexist and violent) would make sense if the game brought a long-awaited item for players, online multiplayer. But sadly, New Orleans' multiplayer is one of the most disappointing things I played in 2017. For years, a lot has been speculated about a multiplayer mode in Gangstar Vegas. The announcement that New Orleans would finally have an online multiplayer mode made any fan of the franchise anxious.

    We expect a GTA V-style multiplayer and that's it.

    However, the existing multiplayer in New Orleans is the same that existed at the beginning of Dungeon Hunter 5. You just "Build" a base, placing your henchmen and waiting for the interaction of other players. They invade your base and take the loot. The same can be done by you on the base of other players. Only that.

    There's no strategy, just leveling to see who can get the best characters and weapons first. Sounds interesting in theory, but real-time multiplayer would be a lot more fun. It is no use for Gameloft to say that it is technically impossible, as smaller studios have already implemented the idea in games present on Android and iOS.

    – The biggest crime in Gangstar New Orleans is monetization

    Unlike Gangstar Vegas, which was a premium game turned freemium game, New Orleans was thought of from the start as an ultra-monetized game. Because of this, absolutely everything in the game is segmented and broken to slow down the player's progress as much as possible.

    All weapons need to be found in pots, or worse, rented.

    There are energy bars only during missions, card system (jars), diamonds, consumables and etc. Absolutely nothing will come without a random system that ensures you spend a lot of time, or pay to shorten the process. Making fun of the city doesn't consume energy, but it also doesn't give the player absolutely nothing.


    • Map bigger than Gangstar Vegas
    • good controls


    • weak history
    • Poor compatibility with Android devices
    • a lot of monetization
    • free multiplayer
    • get sick very fast
    • only online




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