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    Analysis: Rubber Bullet [With video]

    This is Rubber bullet, another work by the producer PlayerOne with group characters Back door, whoever follows our YouTube channel for over a year knows that this name was mentioned there, yes, they are the same developers of Bola Azul, I already analyzed this one and for the love of what is most sacred, what a horrible audio . (You can check this link)


    Rubber Bullet is a game that borrows the formula from Space Invaders, a classic of video games, one of the titles that originated this art.
    Here you are in the shoes of a police officer, let's say out of his main role. Here the objective is to drop rubber bullets and other paraphernalia on the protesters.

    When starting the game, you have the possibility to buy one police officer among three, each of them has certain skill advantages that also divide into three: Health, speed and shooting power. It is advisable that you think carefully before choosing one because only half of your money goes here and it is smart to save and collect a lot of medals which is the monetary unit of the game, they are thrown by the protesters as soon as they are detonated.

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    After this stage we started the game for real, it is noticeable right away that the gameplay is the highlight of the title. Making a vertical line in the center of the screen, touching the lower right corner, the police officer is directed to the right, the same goes for the opposite side, touching the central part of the screen triggers the special when it is loaded. Therefore, you can play perfectly with just one hand.

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    The main highlight in my opinion is the possibility of making upgrades, this adds a lot to the replay factor of the game, but here's a catch: the game doesn't have replay. You cannot redo missions to raise more funds to upgrade your war gear.
    Before any mission, you can hop over to the upgrade area. Upgrading your gear is crucial to avoiding tantrums, but fundraising won't be easy unless you're in the mood to put your hand in your pocket.

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    When failing the mission you sometimes have to watch advertisements or pay R$2,50 to get rid of the advertisements. Medal packs are not expensive, but joining with the money to remove the advertisements may make the game not worth the investment and if you prefer not to invest the difficulty becomes hardcore, which will guarantee the joy of those who miss classic games, however , for those who haven't been following the games this can be frustrating.

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    There are daily rewards for those who play every day and also for detonating a certain amount of each protesting character.

    There's also a co-op mode where you invite a friend on Facebook to control a drone on a mission.

    Protesters cannot invade your area on the screen, otherwise you are gone. Also, most of them throw objects that damage your character's health, especially the molotovs that the Black Blocks throw. I just found it a little clueless the fact that the gas bombs (a special one) don't stop the protesters in just one shot not even when it's more enhanced, since if you make a shot at them, yes.

    The audio is another factor that goes wrong here, yes, the music is nice, it represents something comical, something that should not be taken seriously, however, there is only one song and it repeats itself in all the stages changing only in the bosses . The audio of shots and other impacts are also present, but somewhat repetitive, perhaps it would be interesting to change the sound of the shots as you improve the weapon, this way it would give a greater feeling of improvement.

    - Conclusion

    As I said at the beginning, Bala de Borracha borrows the format of Space Invaders, this makes it attract the old gamer crowd in order to remember the classic and can also attract players who are not fans or who want to hear about Porta dos Funds, unless you're a hater, but a lot of hater of the group.
    The only huge problem here is the abuse for you to put your hand in your pocket. Perhaps a free demo of the first missions and an option to buy the game releasing the remaining missions would be more plausible.

    – pros

    • The game's format brings nostalgia
    • The nostalgic will identify with the difficulty (if they do not choose to pay)
    • Nicely priced coins (purchased with real money)
    • Allows gaming without internet connection

    - Against

    • The game does not allow repeat missions
    • The game is difficult to the point of being interpreted as an abuse to put your hand in your pocket
    • Repetitive music to the point where I prefer to play it on mute after a while

    Note: 6 / 10

    Technical Data:

    Platforms: Android 2.2+ e iOS 4.0+
    Size: 38MB
    Language: spanish spanish

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