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    ANALYSIS: Chaos Rings II (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Chaos Rings II is a game developed by Media Vision and distributed by Square Enix, contrary to popular belief, this game is actually the first in chronological order in the series, followed by Chaos Rings: Omega (analysis) and then by Chaos Rings (analysis).

    So far the game has only one version for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), with Japanese audio and English or Japanese subtitles.


    Chaos Rings II tells the story of Darwin, a warrior who is destined to save the world together with a group of chosen ones, known as "The Pillars", and they will have to face different challenges so that the world is not destroyed. However, Darwin had not been chosen as the nominator (who will decide the fate), but his great friend Orlando, who ends up taking a tragic turn and turning into a wolf.
    After all this, Darwin and his "allies" are transported to a mansion where they receive their due obligations.

    Fair battle?

    After that, the mysterious man says that only with the sacrifices of the pillars it is possible to save the world from Destroyer, as each pillar destroyed was one less curse, that is, when all the pillars were dead, the Nominator (Darwin) would release his power. maximum, but it was not as easy a task as it seemed, to do this he had to defeat the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Red Dragon of the Apocalypse, in order to get the "Rewards" that were called Core (Core), which unlocked the portals for the knights, with each defeated boss, he offered him a Core, except the Red Dragon that conceived a kind of Crown of thorns, capable of controlling the Core.

    The 4 Pillars had different personalities and totally different ways of thinking, each had its easiest way of dealing with the situation.

    During the fight against the Destroyer, they realize that the attacks are being useless, as the Destroyer has the gift of immortality, seeing this, Darwin sees that it is impossible to defeat him, but a glow in the sky draws attention, something that Darwin did not expect, able to help him immensely in this terrible battle. From that moment on, the most epic battle in the game begins and a surprising ending.



    – Darwin: So that there are no spoilers, the only thing I can say is that Darwin is the protagonist of the game.

    Darwin, protagonist of “Chaos Rings II”

    – Marie: Orlando's sister, shaken by her brother's fate, keeps questioning her destiny and her obligations.

    This is Marie

    – Conor: He is a member of one of the richest families in the kingdom, but overnight, his city is attacked and Conor, who was with his mother, is left to be taken away by a man who managed to flee the city. Conor's behavior is that of a spoiled child, this angers Araki, who says that this useless child would do nothing to save the world.

    This is Conor

    – Li Hua: She is a descendant of ancient Ninjas, just like her Parents, Li Hua had been sent in a war to fight for her country (there is no more information about her), Li Hua is always willing to help Conor, as he is like his son, Li Hua like all pillars, face the knights.

    Li Hua about to fight a battle

    – Araki: A former Samurai, who had his family murdered by a group of renegade Ninjas, so Araki doesn't get along with Li Hua and they constantly argue, in one of the Missions, Akari ends up arguing with Darwin and tries to kill him, but realizes that he is the only one capable of defeating the Destroyer and saving the world, Araki makes a great companion.

    Akari in a conversation with Darwin

    - Lexicon: The only thing that is known about Lessica is that she possesses a special healing power, Lessica can also raise the dead, despite extraordinary powers, Lessica may not be what she seems.

    Lessica in a conversation with Darwin

    Os sacrifices were done every 4 or 5 missions, they can be executed in any order that will not affect the course of the story, when chosen, you must fight to the death, and in the end, your spirit can become an "ally", as Orlando in the “Gale Roar” coup.

    Orlando in his wolf form – “Gale Roar”

    the 4 knights

    - Death: the Knight with the most powerful Magic, capable of draining 90% of your HP and Mana.

    – Guerra: It has the power to execute and copy blows from other monsters and execute them 10x more powerful.

    -Over: Relatively easy, with random hits and only one critical hit, capable of draining almost all of your HP.

    -Fome: Possesses the ability to disable potions, making combat difficult.

    - The Conqueror:  Destroyer's "Right Arm" has the power to cancel attack, defense, healing and even spells. The most difficult of this category, being that during the game, you will confront him twice.



    Unlike previous titles, in “Chaos Rings II” we have a game with more defined textures, cutscenes generated in real time with the game's graphics (no CG - Computer Graphics) and scenarios rich in colors and creativity. The images speak for themselves:

    NOTE: The serration is due to the low resolution of the iPhone 3GS (480×320). No problems were detected during the games, no drops in the frame rate per second ("lags") or similar problems.



    Just like the previous titles, in “Chaos Rings II” a virtual D-Pad appears when you move your finger on the left part of the display, the gameplay is simple and very dynamic, straight to the point and uncomplicated.

    As for the characteristics of the game itself, during the missions, you can find:

    • Chests: Contains items that can help in the progress of missions.
    • Portals: Able to teleport the character to bosses.
    • Boss/"Bosses": No comments.
    Fight a Boss (or “Big Boss”, as you prefer)



    Already characteristic of the Series, with "Chaos Rings II" when it comes to dubbing and soundtrack, there's nothing to complain about, with an epic soundtrack and extremely balanced with the game's mood and battles, the game excites and the dubbing in Japanese is great, Anime fans have nothing to complain about.




    With more qualities than defects, “Chaos Rings II” proves that it is still possible to see RPG's in quality turn, and what is most surprising is that this is on a mobile / tablet, with an extremely engaging and epic story, dubbing and soundtrack exceptional sound, classic and simple gameplay and nice graphics, it's an RPG to make even consoles envy.

    “An unmissable experience for RPG fans!”


    • End of repetitive puzzles
    • Epic and immersive story
    • Exceptional voice acting and soundtrack
    • Improved gameplay over previous titles
    • Improved Powers and Ability
    • Ability to Summon
    • Modo “Awake”
    Negative points:
    • There are still some holes in the story
    • Equipment takes longer to be available in stores
    • Some Bug's, like after killing a Boss, the game "hangs" (does not move)
    END MARK: 9




    Image gallery:

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    Game Download:


    Chaos Rings II (Media Vision/Square Enix)
    Size: 784 MB for Download / 950 MB installed on the device.
    Requirements: iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3rd Generation or higher.
    iOS Version: 4.0 or higher.
    Japanese audio – English or Japanese subtitles
    Price: $17,99 (iPhone and iPod Touch) | $19,99 (iPad version – HD)

    [originally published October 28, 2012]

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