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    Análise- Zombie Infection 2 (JAVA Touchscreen)

    “Zombie Infection 2” is a game from GAMELOFT. A game reminiscent of the franchise RESIDENT EVIL , from CAPCOM, but there's not as much horror as the series it was inspired by, but it still has hours and hours of good fun.

    NOTE: Do not be fooled by the notes and opinions presented here.

    Anderson and Keysha, are heading to South America, looking for their reporters Jack and Tad, who went to little “Isla Paola” a few weeks ago to do a story about a civil war or something like that was going on, anyway there are more than a week there was no news of them. The last contact had been made in Vilarejo (Mesa Rojo ?). Anderson thinks they were being soft. Arriving at the island, Anderson and Tomas start talking about what could have happened, and asks if Keysha was his girlfriend, and she replies that she was just a writer.

    Because of this conversation, Tomas runs over some zombies and rolls over the car, when Anderson gets up, sees that his friend is turning into a zombie and feels obliged to kill him. After killing him and passing through a horde of zombies, Anderson spots Keysha, fallen, and tells her, who is in the midst of zombies, a little later a three-headed monster appears and two of them were from Jack and Tad, his old friends. A little later another character Jeremi appears, a native, who was meditating in the mountains, and comes to see what was happening, and a villager says that everyone was turning into zombies, and he asks about his daughter Maya, and he says he will only tell if they find your daughter.

    The game is the direct sequel to the first game released for Java mobile phones.

    Beginning of the game
    some zombies
    Anderson's fame around the world


    Jeremi Looking For His Daughter

    Graphically speaking, Zombie Infection 2 has a Graphic to admire, and to fill your eyes, for being in the Java Version. Very good sprites and good movement, which guarantees a good frame rate.

    Location of the village, notice that here we have an older Anderson
    Several zombies together

    As with any Java game the sound is not one of the best factors in the game. Only a few gunshots or noises are heard. Of course, in the age of smartphones this is a huge factor against, especially for an action game. But we have to remember the limitations of the Java platform.


    The game has good controls, and there are secondary weapons, such as grenades (Anderson) and cattle drives (Jeremi). The menu layout is similar to the first Zombie Infection.

    MAP: The Game counts in its menu with the map of where you are, and where you have to go.

    Inventory:  The game's inventory is quite large and houses a large amount of items that can be stored, and combined in the games, at the right time.

    Store:  The game also has a store, to buy weapons, bullets for weapons, and also supplies for you to stay alive.

    Weapons: The Game has few weapons, only 5 weapons, The Pistol, the Shotgun, The Machine Gun, the Missile Launcher, and the Grenade, there is Jeremi's which are the Staff, and the cowboy.

    zombies: The zombies in the game don't have the best Artificial Intelligence, but they are enough work to kill them.

    Mira:  The aim of the game is not the best, but it helps a lot when it comes to killing zombies. The scheme continues the least from the previous game, the aim runs through the entire body of the enemy and you have to press at the right time to get a “head shot”

    Boss 1st Part


    Zombie Infection 2 is a game for those who played and enjoyed the first game. We basically have the same: lots of action, lots of zombies but now with more monsters. The story is good, but the game could have more puzzle elements. Worth the purchase? Much!

    • a nice game
    • Good story
    • Too many zombies to kill
    • various dialogs

    • few weapons
    • The lack of a Reload button
    • The aim is very bad









    To buy the game at GAMELOFT:

    Game price: BRL 2,99

    Spanish language

    Compatibility: Almost all phones with Java

    Tested : On Samsung Star S5230

    [originally published February 18, 2012]

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