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    Amanita Design announces Phonopolis, its new game for Android and iOS

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    A Amanita Design is a production company that is known for games with a more artistic footprint and with a focus on adventure games. your new game, Phonopolis follows exactly this line. The new title will be released soon for Android, iOS e PC.

    Phonopolis takes place in a city that has fallen under the rule of a dictator. Everyone does what he says except the player-controlled boy.

    Art in game form

    The art direction is the highlight here, as in any other Amanita Design game. This studio usually goes deep in the study of engine development and always surprises with a rich visual and full of details always outside the “realistic” footprint.

    In Phonopolis, the characters seem to be made of cardboard and the animation resembles stop motion. Everything is done with impressive visual quality.

    Watch the trailer for Phonopolis:

    This little boy will roam this cardboard metropolis, discovering dark secrets and solving puzzles along the way.

    Phonopolis is yet to be released, and Amanita has stated that it will take at least 12 months to arrive. And it is possible that we will have to wait even longer to arrive on Android.


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