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    Alpha Ace: “CS:GO Mobile” for Android resurfaces on Google Play

    Alpha Ace is the new version, and attempt, to emplace a CSGO clone on cell phones. Nicknamed by many as “CS:GO Mobile”, the new game is an old acquaintance of ours, its about The Origin Mission (Global Offensive Mobile).

    Produced by a small studio in Singapore, the game is currently in a new open beta test. You can download the game from Google Play in Singapore or Thailand. You can also download the APK directly from the Tap Tap website.

    Alpha Ace quickly took the top spot on Tap Tap's Most Wanted Games, which demonstrates that there's a lot of interest in the shooter community for a game that looks a lot like CS:GO Mobile. The problem is looking too much.

    This is already the third attempt that the studio tries to get the game that always comes up against issues such as copyright.

    It's worth remembering, there's nothing wrong with creating a game similar to CS:GO (see for example Standoff 2). The big problem is using assets copied from other games. This causes the game to be removed in record time from the app stores. Another big problem is the fact that several youtubers trumpet the game as if it were the real CS:GO for cell phones, this makes Valve act fast and take the game out of stores too.

    See the gameplay:

    You can see that the studio has made some changes to the maps and characters to avoid any copyright issues.

    It remains to be seen if with the changes, the game will finally have a free pass to debut on Google Play in Spain.

    Alpha Ace is a project that we will continue to monitor closely, but due to several problems in the past (see here), our tip is not to spend on skins in the game so you don't regret it when the servers are offline.



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