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    All Symbols for Free Fire

    Check out all the symbols that can be used in your name on Free Fire. Famous symbols such as wings꧁꧂ or ray ϟ, face ツ and many others ༒☬㋡.

    We researched all the symbols that can be used in Free Fire and put them together in a special generator. Just tap on each symbol to copy the symbol to your mobile or computer clipboard. Then, just place the symbol in the nickname field within the game. See how to do it.

    How do we know which symbols are available on Free Fire? We went in depth to study which symbols the Unity graphics engine accepts, this is the same graphics engine in which Free Fire was created. So we tested all the symbols and picked out the coolest ones.


    It is worth remembering, This is the article containing the symbols, for different letters, go to our other article, on how to modify a nickname to put different letters.

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    [originally published March 8, 2020]

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