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    Alien Shooter: PC Classic can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS

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    Alien shooter it's a little game OFFLINE to Android e iOS. with versions Returns e you pay, the game consists of an action game with an aerial view, where the objective is to clean a base that is infested by aliens, clean in the bullet base, of course. In reality, the game is the conversion of a PC title, which can be downloaded and played directly on mobile phones.

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    - How is the game?

    With a long campaign, with many hours of duration, Alien Shooter is a shooting game with a 3×4 vision that doesn't enchant for the graphics, but that certainly draws attention for its simple and direct gameplay.

    There are two versions of the game. In the free version, Alien Shooter displays ads and, in addition, it also has built-in purchases, which make it possible to buy all weapons. However, the paid version is more interesting as there are no purchases. The premium version is identical to the PC version.

    The graphics are a reflection of the time when the game was produced, 2003. Although there was already a lot with 3D graphics, it was still common to see 2D games, which bet on lightness to conquer players who didn't have powerful machines.

    Well, the premise remains true 13 years later. For the new generation, Alien Shooter draws attention for being free, light and completely offline.

    - Opinion

    Alien Shooter has a simple proposal, but it executes it in a very competent way. There are in-app purchases, but the game is not impossible in its free version. The exploration and feeling of being able to move forward, without thinking that the game will extort you at a certain point, is great. It would be very interesting if Sigma Team brought Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded to mobile phones.

    Download Links

    ANDROID (Google Play) | iOS (App Store)

    Developer: Sigma Team
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 2.3 / iOS 6.1
    Language: English | Size: 90MB

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