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    Alchemia Story: MMORPG for Android and iOS gets an English version

    Alchemia Story is an MMORPG for Android phones and iPhones that has a turn-based combat system with several classes with different jobs. The game is authored by Asobimo and highlights the focus on that anime-style look that many people like.

    Alchemia Story had been released in 2017 in Japan, The game arrived in June on Google Play and App Store in Spain. The game maintains Asobimo's tradition of releasing role-playing games that are truly open-world. However, this time, the producer decided to bet on a different combat system. Exit the action combats and enter the turns.

    The fighting system is very reminiscent of more recent Final Fantasy games. Alchemia features a turn-based system that offers skill combos, group attacks, and a wide variety of blows and spells to decimate enemies.

    Combat in the game is instantiated, once a player touches a mob in the open, the battle screen opens with a combat menu. Players can join other players' battles and automatically join the fight, allowing non-partisan players to help those in danger.

    The game offers freely switchable PvE and PvP modes, including story mode and missions, as well as player-versus-player duel.

    Main Features of Alchemia Story:

    • Story Focus - Despite being only in English, the game features a fun story with your character's relationship with various NPCs.
    • Turn-Based Combat – Enter the battle screen and take turns unleashing powerful attacks on your enemies, similar to combat in console-based JRPGs.
    • High Quality Graphics – Explore a colorful and vast anime-style world with crisp graphics and detailed characters, environments and creatures.
      Character Customization – Customize your character and your NPC partner with a detailed content creator that allows for height, feature placement, chest size, and more.
    • Variety of Game Modes – Play a variety of game modes that include the game's story and missions, and the duel between players and players.
    • Multiple Classes and Jobs – Choose from multiple job classes that include major RPG game archetypes, including a warrior class mage class and more.

    The downside of this MMORPG is that it requires a lot of internet. In other words, it constantly downloads content. Therefore,  play only connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    Link to Download on iPhone and iPad

    Link para download no Android

    Developer: Asobimo
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requer Android 4.0 /
    Language: English | Size: 800 MB

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