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    AION: Legions of War comes to Android and iOS on January 24


    NCSoft will release AION: Legions of War globally on January 24th. The game is an RPG with automatic combats well in the standard of the most common mobile games, which promises to bring a lot of discontent to most longtime fans of AION.

    For the unsuspecting, AION is another successful PC MMORPG from the producer of Lineage. The game was released in 2008.

    But Legions of War is not the long-awaited AION 2. In fact, Legions is a Mobile RPG that was already in testing in 2017. The game has been missing, I even thought it had been cancelled, but hey, out of nowhere, NCSoft decides to launch it in the west.

    What news can we expect in Legions of War?

    Unless the gameplay has been reset. We can expect a game with automatic battles and a focus on the story. It would be interesting if the game came in Spanish.

    Despite having automatic battles, the strategy part calls attention with combats that will demand the player after a certain time. In addition, the look is very pleasing with epic battles that seem to have come straight out of some Final Fantasy “CG”.

    Below you can see the pre-registration links on Android and iOS (official website).

    Google Play link

    Site Oficial

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