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    Afterpulse will be released on Nintendo Switch as a “premium” game

    after pulse, a mobile shooter, released in 2015, comes to Nintendo Switch as a premium (paid) game. Developed by Digital Legends Entertainment and BlitWorks, the title will be priced at March 30, priced at 19,99 USD/EUR.

    Afterpulse arrives on Nintendo Switch (Photo: Disclosure)

    The Nintendo Switch version will have cross-play with mobile players and vice versa.

    Nintendo Switch players will have the option to use a “Fast Pass” that improves starting gear and progression. So those who are just starting out will be able to progress quickly and catch up with those who are already at a high level on mobile.

    Reason for a lot of controversy, whether at the time when almost no smartphone ran the game, to today, where almost every cell phone runs, Afterpulse was once from Gamevil. The game was originally released in 2015, flopped, and was re-released by Digital Legends in 2017.

    Afterpulse is a game focused on online multiplayer. There is no mode with singleplayer missions. Despite being graphically beautiful, the game never achieved stardom. Afterpulse was re-released on mobile exactly at a time when Battle Royale exploded and the game was left for a small niche of players.

    Digital Legends, for those who don't remember, is the producer behind games like The Respawnables and The Respawnables Heroes. She was the creator of The One, N-Gage game.

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