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    AetherSX2: PS2 emulator gets updates with many new features

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    The emulator PlayStation 2 para Androidthe AetherSX2, has received two big updates with lots of news. Talented developer Tahlreth fixed many bugs and increased its compatibility with PS2 games.

    Photo: AetherSX2 Spain group on Facebook.



    • AetherSX2 has official website.
    • It is possible to download alpha test versions with new features.
    • Fixed framebuffer in some games.
    • Novo menu save state.

    The big news was the launch of the emulator's official website ( From the new website, it is possible to download not only the Google Play version of the emulator, but also beta and even alpha versions of the emulator.

    Emulator developer Tahlreth works on the project almost daily and brings news constantly.

    The most recent update is 1.1-2571, released on August 1st, it improves several features, including:

    • Increased framebuffer size which caused audio error and some games like Test Drive.
    • Added new fractional resolution scales.
    • Fixed bilinear filter in advanced options.
    • Removed redundant copies of cached textures (improves performance when using upscaling).
    • New menu for save state.
    • Added warning when unsafe settings are set in the emulator.
    • Added an option to adjust audio latency.


    The new save state menu is really one of the big highlights. It is now possible to see exactly what part of the game you were in, save and delete saves without having to leave the game.

    All these new features will arrive soon in the AetherSX2 version on Google Play. But those who want to have the resources first hand, can access the official website ( and download the trial versions.

    AetherSX2 is such a good emulator that it seems impossible to improve. Free, no ads and totally dedicated to the community. It sounds too good to be true… but it is!

    As you can see, the developer of this project is really someone "out of the loop". In case you didn't know, the emulator even came to Xboxs, allowing you to play PS2 games almost seamlessly on Microsoft's console.


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