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    Acer announces “Predator” line focused on Gamer audiences

    Acer announced today at IFA 2015, a line of mobile devices focused on the gamer audience. The line consists of the Predator 6, a smartphone with a six-inch screen, and the Predator 8 tablet, with an eight-inch screen.

    The Predator 6 chipset is the Mediatek Helio X20 Deca-Core, that's right, 10 cores. In reality the SoC has three processors. The first of these is a quad-core Cortex-A53, running at 2GHZ. A second chip also A53 with four more cores running at 1,4Ghz. And the third, and most powerful, is a Cortex-A72 that runs at up to 2,5Ghz.

    Other interesting information about the Acer Predator 6 smartphone was also revealed. The device will also have a 21 MP camera and 4 GB of LPDDR3 RAM with a speed of 933 MHz.

    The other device in the gaming line, the Predator 8, has an Intel chipset, a quad-core ATOM 8700 and an eighth-generation Intel HD Graphics GPU. Not many details were revealed about the device, which appeared at the conference only through rendered images.

    Both models have a metal finish and a sturdy structure and four front speakers. The Predator 8 hits the market in October costing US$ 299. The Predator 6, on the other hand, has no scheduled release date, and no confirmed price.

    – Free presentation

    I found the presentation very disappointing for not showing the device in operation, like, running an ultra-heavy game. In addition, no game or joystick flock was announced. So it is difficult to face this Predator line as a gamer.


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