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    Ace Racer: NetEase's New Competitive Racing Game (Android and iOS)

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    Ace Racer is the new racing game from the producer NetEase. Always focusing on online competitive, the new game arrives to be a mix between Asphalt Legends and Speed ​​Drifters. Check out the gameplay of the game for Android e iOS.

    Ace Racer will most likely be free and online. This is the game's first beta test and it's already impressive. Installed, Ace Racer weighs more than 4 GB. A game definitely for high end devices.

    Video Credits: Gaming Mobile Channel.

    As a gamer in the Gaming Mobile channel gameplay, the game has simple commands.

    The races are not relatively short, they last about 2 minutes and the scenarios are well elaborated, with several paths.

    In addition to the traditional races against other players (online), the game has events to collect coins and races of destruction.

    Ace Racer is currently being tested only in South Korea. There is no global release date yet.

    With information from: TapTap

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