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    Ace Racer: how to play the new racing game for Android

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    Ace Racer is the new arcade racing game developed by NetEase. For now, the game for mobile phones has not yet been released in Spain, but it is now possible to download the APK and play the Chinese version.

    Ace Racer was recently released in China. To play, you don't need a VPN or registration. Just download the game and play.

    After downloading the initial file, the game asks for another 3 GB of data to download. After downloading everything, the game has 3,6 GB of data on your smartphone.

    Check out a gameplay video:

    With a great possibility of reaching the west, Ace Racer is totally betting on online mode. The focus is on racing against other players, car customization and competition.

    The visuals are stunning, with jaw-dropping graphics. However, this game is far from being realistic in its gameplay.

    The races are Arcade-style, but before you think about Asphalt 8 or 9, I'll let you know that Ace Racer is even more fanciful and unrealistic. In reality, but the game's races are very reminiscent of Speed ​​Drifters. That's right, despite the realistic look, the gameplay looks like kart games.

    Reiko Nagase are you?

    Those who are old, will feel a little playing Ridge Racer, especially for the beautiful girl who presents the game that reminds a lot of the character Reiko Nagase, who was a virtual idol well before it became fashionable. This vibe is unfortunately restricted to the character, because in the gameplay, the game lets “the shuttlecock fall” a little.

    Despite the regrets, Ace Racer is fun, but the success of the game will depend on its gacha and monetization elements, if they are too aggressive in the "late game" it can destroy the experience.

    How to play Ace Racer now

    To play Ace Racer now, just download the game's APK from the official website or Tap Tap.

    After downloading the game, tap here to proceed. (Photo: Reproduction)

    After downloading and installing, the player will login. to do so, check the box below and then click the blue button.

    Check the box of option because click on the blue button, you will go straight to the game. (Photo: Reproduction)

    After that, the game will ask for some permissions. Then it will appear the option to start, choose the option on the right.

    Option to start the game is on the right. (Photo: Reproduction)

    Then Ace Racer will start with a tutorial. From there, the game becomes simple, with the game teaching how to play with arrows.



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