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    Ace Force APK – Apex by Tencent Games? It's more like Overwatch!

    It is now available to download the APK of the game Ace Force, from Tencent Games. Nicknamed by many of Apex Legends Mobile, since nicknamed Overwatch, no longer sticks, the game is only in Chinese.

    Due to the success of Battle Royale games, we've seen Ace Force change shape over the years. When it was first introduced, the game was almost a "copy and paste" of Ovewatch.

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    Despite having won a Battle Royale mode, the game is very far from looking like Apex Legends.

    It's "too much pressure" to call Ace Force "Apex Legends Mobile". Despite the charisma of the existing agents, there's nothing here reminiscent of Respawn's game.

    The gameplay is not "fast-paced", there is not that frantic pace of Apex Legends matches. Ace Force is more of a normal shooter, with beautiful graphics and futuristic visuals.

    Ace Force continues to look more like Overwatch. Which is actually a big problem for the studio that developed the title. Every game that wanted to drink from the Overwatch fountain, all of them, had no apparent success.

    Will things change with Ace Force?

    To play, you need to have the WeChat app installed. No need to use VPN.


    Developer: Tencent
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0
    Language: Chinese | Size: 1GB

    * To download the game you must have the Tap Tap website application.

    [originally published August 13, 2019]

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