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    A3 celebrates its anniversary with a special event

    That's what you heard! A3: Still Alive, the curious MMORPG that mixes with the Battle Royale subgenre, turned 1 year old last week. Netmarble certainly wasn't going to let this opportunity pass, so it launched an event in celebration of the game's anniversary.

    For those who don't know, A3: Still Alive is a free MMORPG game originally released for PC, gaining a port for Android and iOS, which included a Battle Royale Hack N' Slash mode.

    With more than a year of existence, the company behind the game, Netmarble, has put together an update aimed at the anniversary of A3: Still Alive, including new events, prizes, and even new locations. Check out a trailer showing the new update:


    For players who upgrade and log into the game, they will be able to find themselves in a new territory called Tuaki, the new equipment dungeon called The Derelict Buried Tomb, and a new world boss called Red Monster Kazan.

    In addition to these, a new level cap has been determined by the developers (200), in addition to daily promotions and events. Players who log into A3: Still Alive for seven consecutive days will be awarded some rewards with the top prize being a 7-star Legendary Soul Linker.

    New extra quests will be available to both new and returning players, granting up to 5 million combat power and other items. A new coupon is also available for redemption. You can type [BACKTOA3] to get various rewards and items.

    Two types of keys and items will also be awarded to open treasure chests and earn even more rewards. Finally, Netmarble decided to open a new server called Tietes, which is now available after updating the game.

    A3: Still Alive was a huge success, reaching 1 million players in just one week after its release. You can find the game on both Google Play and the App Store.


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