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    7 Things You Should Consider When Buying Cell Phones from China

    This article is a supplement to the previous article, because year in and year out, and I see people making the same mistakes. Wanting to apply "ways" and passing "punched tips". Here are things you should consider before buying one. smartphone imported da China.

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    1 – You can be taxed at 60% on top of the real value

    The first thing you need to know is that in Spain, it is rare for them to charge the import tax correctly. That's right! The recipe is very good with us, contrary to what many say out there.

    In Spain, the vast majority of Chinese cell phones are taxed on top of the declared value. As stores always declare the value below normal, the inspectors simply give the “ok”. When that's not the case, a lot goes by without even being taxed.

    The standard rate of R$ 191 that many say is simply the calculation of the import tax on top of US$ 100 dollars.

    But do not think that this is correct. In reality, the inspectors don't care. The selection is random, but in most cases, the products are not taxed or are taxed below the real value.

    Don't believe in boring tips like: “from GearBest warehouse X it's faster” or “you run less risk if you buy from warehouse Y via BR Express”. Any product purchased abroad takes less than a week to arrive in Spain. The delay is here! Did you understand?

    The only tip is that you should avoid very fast shipping like DHL and EMS, if the idea is to save money. These freights take a different path and are taxed in accordance with what is written in the Law: 60% on top of the real value. Choosing one of these freights is to be sure to pay the 60% tax. In return, you get paid faster.

    2 – There will not always be alternative roms and updates

    Are you addicted to digging through your cell phone? Are TWRP, Bootloader and other terms common to you? So be careful when buying devices from brands that use MediaTek.

    I know people who bricked their smartphones from Ulefone and Oukitel because they were “moving” too much. The first question I ask is “why? Everything was working perfectly.” Device stopped working because of the person.

    Want to unlock bootloader, test rom, tweak, and tweak more? Calm down. Because if the device has a problem, you will be alone, as there is no official support in Spain.

    3 – In the cheapest smartphones, there is always a “but”

    Get used to some though. After all, these Chinese cell phones are not cheap for nothing. Oukitel devices, for example, tend to have low audio during calls. Many devices with Mediatek chipset do not have good camera software.

    Don't just be a fan of numbers and specs. When you see that powerful smartphone, know that there is always a but. In the ZUK Z2, for example, there are usually some bugs when it comes to seeing the data consumption. It's the end of the World? Not.

    4 – Contrary to what they say, there is a guarantee

    Contrary to what many portals say out there, there is a guarantee for Chinese smartphones. At GearBest, for example, you have a one-year warranty on the product.

    Check out the translation of the warranty section on Gearbest:

    One-year repair warranty

    Unless otherwise noted on the product page, the standard product warranty period is one year from the date you receive the goods, during which time you are eligible for free repair. Any free repair must be confirmed with the manufacturer through Customer Service. Customers must pay the shipping fees for returning the item accordingly, while we will cover the shipping fees for sending the repaired item back to the customer. If the buyer has damaged/misused the item(s), they will not be eligible for free repair, however, customers may return it at their own cost and pay a fee for the repair. Return shipping fees will be the responsibility of the customers in such cases.

    But, what happens. The person drops or bricks his smartphone, and thinks that the store has an obligation to fix his cell phone. You broke your braces yourself, buddy.

    5 – Chinese cell phones are fragile

    Small and beautiful, the Zuk Z2 is quite fragile.

    I don't recommend Chinese cell phones for clumsy people. NOT EVEN! Are you part of the group that has a cracked cell phone? Who puts the smartphone in the bathroom sink and wonders if it will fall or not? I think it's better not to even think about buying a Chinese cell phone.

    “But why are they fragile?” It turns out that many are built on the same foundations as top-of-the-line devices. With glass front and back, laminated edges and etc. In short, they are not devices that can withstand drops and bumps. Other than the ones on this list here.

    Any drop is enough to get in trouble. It is worth remembering that dropping or bricking your cell phone are things that will not be covered by the warranty.

    6 – Don’t buy anything after October

    That last tip is very important. If you're thinking of buying something from China, buy it by October. Even today (in February) there are people expecting purchases from November and December 2017. It was the real order apocalypse. The Spanish Post already proved by A + B that they are not prepared to meet the demand at the end of the year. The government tried everything to reduce imports. A hell!

    “But Dário, in November they are the best promotions”. So, if you are going to buy, buy something that is not an immediate need, and that you can wait at least 4 months to receive. Did it feel bad? Well, it could happen again. Be aware of this.

    7 – Buy everything with insurance, if possible

    The Post Office in Spain is in a very difficult situation. It is a bankrupt state-owned company that still operates along the lines of the XNUMXth century. Its entire structure is for the distribution of letters, which any Whatsapp message solves. Without proper preparation, the Post Office is not able to meet the demand for orders from abroad.

    With a warehouse full of orders, what bad can happen? Everything catches fire! This is what happened in several distribution centers. That's why checking the insurance option is essential. If your order is delayed for more than 120 days, lost (lost) or arrives defective, you can claim your insurance and get your money back, or ask the store to send you something else.

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