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    6 Paid Games That Are Free on Android for a Limited Time

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    The time of the week that many have been waiting for has arrived. Check out the 6 paid games that are free on Google Play. We have separated the main games that are free for a limited time.

    – TA: Little Red Riding Hood

    TA: Little Red Riding Hood is a game where you control Little Red Riding Hood. In this game, the objective is to run through small worlds, collecting apples. The game also has cute bunnies, but watch out for birds and a monster. Is it the big bad wolf?

    Download link

    – Cell 13

    Cell 13 is a crazy puzzle game for Android. The player controls a ball and has to go through various obstacles. Move mechanism and access new level areas full of challenges. There are portals to go through, other balls to roll. An ideal game to break your head and pass the time.

    Download link

    – Game Studio Tycoon 2

    In this fun management game, the objective is to take care of a studio of a game production company. Command up to 16 employees, create your metrics, develop your games and watch your production company grow. The game is all in Spanish.

    Download link

    – Island Survival 3 PRO

    Island Survival 3 PRO is a paid game that is constantly on sale. In this survival game, the player needs to manage resources so that his character survives on an island. The graphics are average. The game is all in 3D and despite the large fauna, it is a game focused on construction and survival with few combat elements.

    Download link

    – Tom the Tow Truck in Car City

    This is a children's game suitable for young children. With a playful theme, Tom the Tow Truck in Car City is a cute game where you accompany Tom the stroller and his friends. There are several minigames to help your companions like changing tires and putting out fires.

    Download link

    Survival Game: Lost Island PRO

    This survival game is reminiscent of Last Day on Earth, not because of the zombie theme, but because of the camera angle and gameplay. The cool part is that the focus is on survival and the game is completely offline and without energy bars. Face and wildlife from Survival Game: Lost Island PRO.

    Download link

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