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    6 CHEAP Controls for Android Phone

    See the best and cheapest Bluetooth controls ou USB to use in your smartphone com Android in 2020.

    With the imminent arrival of cloud gaming services, the demand for controles Bluetooth ou USB / OTG for Android phones has never been bigger. In addition to them, many gamers look for controls to play paid games or simply use emulators for old consoles such as Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and so on.

    With that in mind, we've prepared a list of controls that don't cost much and can offer you maximum fun in the most varied situations.

    But let's make something very clear here: the best options are video game controllers, such as the Xbox One S or PS4 (Dualshock 4), or more expensive models. However, the idea of ​​this article will be centered on CCHEAP ONTROLS below R$ 150. Okay?

    Control Bluetooth KNUP KP-4030.

    In this list, you will find 6 best cheap gamepads that you can find in physical stores in Spain or on imported websites. And you don't have to worry about fees and taxes, this type of product is hardly taxed.

    Disclaimer: We will not cover triggers and controls made specifically for Battle Royale games. The idea of ​​the post is to focus on emulation and game streaming. This type of control will be left for a next article. "Let's go to the list".

    Table of Contents

    • 1. Knup KP-4030
    • 2. Mocute 050, 053 or 054
    • 3. Ipega 9025
    • 4. Inova px1 con-8199
    • 5. Control Joystick Inova Con-7195
    • 6. USB / OTG Control

    1. Knup KP-4030

    Anyone can recommend a controller for Android. These days, finding controls to sell is the easiest thing in the world. It is possible to find Bluetooth controls for Android in any “Popular Mall” and even in street vendors. However, none will be as cheap and functional as the Knup KP-4030.

    With prices from R$ 89,90, this controller for Android is very reminiscent of the Xbox 360.

    A highlight of the Knup KP-4030 is the fact that it comes with the clip to attach the smartphone. This clip is already an integral part of the control. Just get up and put your cell phone on it. Support is for smartphones up to 6.3 inches.

    Knup KP-4030 comes with HID standard which is the standard adopted by Android for Bluetooth and OTG controls. To summarize, it will work very well in any emulator and in games that accept this standard (the vast majority of games that support controller adopt this standard).

    The Knup KP-4030 seems to have been made based on the Ipega PG9021 which is also based on the Xbox 360 controller. But the PG9021 is a little more expensive (R$ 139) and comes with multimedia buttons added to the bottom.

    2. Mocute 050, 053 or 054

    Much the same, these Mocute controls are basically updated versions of just one model.

    Small and practical, the Mocute 050 usually in the price range between $ 110 and $ 140. These are great controls for those looking for something small that fits in their pants pocket.

    Version 054 is very similar to 050, except for the size (054 is much larger).

    The great thing about Mocute is that even though it's small, it has all the buttons you'd expect from an Android controller. X,Y,BA buttons, L1 and R1, L2 and R2 triggers, two analog sticks and a d-pad.

    3. Ipega 9025

    One classic!

    An old ancient warrior returns! The model Ipega 9025 it's about 7 years old. This Bluetooth controller is great for those looking for compatibility as it works on both old and new smartphones.

    The great highlight of the Ípega 9025 is its price. He is usually found by R$ 110. There's a full review on the Techtudo website (written by me, of course 😉).

    However, there are some disadvantages. The right analog of the 9025 is usually not very good. But an advantage of this model is the rear triggers that resemble the pads of the Xbox One Elite controller.

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    4. Inova px1 con-8199

    Easily found in retail stores and even pharmacies, the Inova px1 con-8199 is a control of the company Inova. This manufacturer (more like an importer) is very popular in Spain, due to its chargers and cables.

    The PX1 is a large Bluetooth controller that comes with a clip to hold a smartphone up to 6.3 inches.

    It doesn't have one of the best builds, but it has its perks. It can be use both as Bluetooth or OTG.

    The PX1 is ideal for those looking for a controller in physical stores and don't want to waste a lot of time looking for it. The price is also very inviting. You can find the PX1 for up to R$ 79.

    5. Control Joystick Inova Con-7195

    O Inova Con-7195 it has questionable construction and a battery that doesn't last long. But its price is ridiculously cheap. It can be found by values ​​starting at R$ 65.

    Despite the poor quality of the housing, the buttons and analogs respond well, and the control can be used as a USB plug on the smartphone too, but for that, you must already have the OTG adapter.

    6. USB / OTG Control

    Finally, our tip for those who don't have a lot of money and want a really cheap controller. USB controllers can be used on Android since version 4.4 thanks to OTG (acronym for On the GO) support.

    OTG support allows you to connect USB devices like controllers, keyboards, mice and flash drives directly to your Android smartphone.

    But to take advantage of OTG support, you need an adapter, and not every smartphone comes with it.

    The advantages of OTG are many. The OTG doesn't need a connection via Bluetooth, the input lag is lower (in some cases) and the controls don't need the battery. But it has a downside: everything works via cables.

    Micro USB / USB OTG Adapter. There is also the USB-C/USB adapter.

    With an OTG adapter in hand, you can look for generic controllers (the ones that look like the Playstation 3 controller). They work great on Android.

    However, compatibility in games will depend on the quality of the controller. And since we're talking about generic controls, this can vary a lot. We usually give preference to those that are compatible with the Playstation 3, as they already guarantee good compatibility with the HID standard that is used in Android.

    When in doubt, always take the OTG cable to test the controller in the store or buy one online that you already know works with your smartphone. Here in the newsroom, we use for tests the MOX Dualshock 3. It doesn't work on one of our Chinese phones (Oukitel) but it works on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and Galaxy S4.

    Generic controls can be found for prices ranging from measly BRL 25 to BRL 80, with the most common price being R$ 50.

    And here ends our list of cheap controllers to buy in 2020. Do you know any more that was missing from the list? Leave a comment!

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