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    5 reasons to play Seven Knights 2 (Android, iOS and PC)

    Seven Knights 2 is a long-running cinematic role-playing game by Netmarble for mobile, available for free from the 10th of November this year for Android and iOS devices as well as Windows PC. It is the sequel to Seven Knights, which was released in 2015 and which has established a strong fan base around the world due to the unique appeal of its characters.

    In this way, the newly released sequel extracts elements from the original game, such as the strategy of creating a unique hero deck, and also brings new elements, such as the ability to manually control heroes in challenging battles. Furthermore, due to the implementation of significant improvements in mobile technology, Seven Knights 2 offers a completely revamped mobile gaming experience, on par with what AAA console games offer.

    This leap in technology also helped Netmarble determine how to differentiate the sequel from its predecessor in terms of presentation, design and genre, while retaining the core spirit that makes Seven Knights an authentic game. The first title in the saga already has 60 million downloads worldwide, while the sequel ranked 1st on the App Store and 2nd on Google Play in revenue after its release in Korea in November 2020.

    Here are five reasons to try the game:

    1. Cinematic Narrative: In Seven Knights 2, players must collect and develop unique heroes as they venture through a deep and immersive cinematic storyline that, in all, offers two hours of high-quality cutscenes. The story takes place 20 years after the original events of Seven Knights, and revolves around the Daybreak Mercenaries, led by Eileene — a member of the Seven Knights who appeared in the original game. After a series of events involving a mysterious girl named Phiné, the Daybreak Mercenaries embark on a journey to find Rudy, the last member of the Seven Knights.

    2. Stunning Visuals: In addition to fully incorporating 3D, Seven Knights 2 has been meticulously rendered in Unreal Engine 4, allowing players to experience beautiful graphics, innovative character designs and high-quality cinematics. Added to this, the title still combines the voice acting of the characters with the motion capture of the live action to offer an immersive experience.

    1. Huge amount of heroes: Seven Knights 2 offers 46 heroes for players to collect along the journey, which includes characters from the original Seven Knights and new characters exclusive to Seven Knights 2. Charismatic and shaped in different shapes and sizes, the heroes have stats distinct and are used in a deck with 4 slots during combat, which offers several strategic combinations due to the vast options of heroes in the game.


    1. Strategic Combat: Even with the auto combat system available conveniently, battles in Seven Knights 2 incline players to work on strategic combinations, which can make it easier to face different combat situations. The fight against powerful enemies requires manual control of the deck. In this system, in-game loadouts, combinations of hero stats, formations and pets can make a big difference, whose choices vary according to the challenge.


    1. Variety of Game Modes: Different game modes are available to provide different experiences for players. “Scenario” is equivalent to the campaign of Seven Knights 2; “Raid” mode allows groups of four or eight players to come together to cooperate in epic fights against powerful bosses. The “Arena” is where the most competitive players can compete with each other to compete for attractive rewards. Remember that in real-time multiplayer battles, the strategic composition of the deck is just as important as the high levels of individual heroes.


    Seven Knights 2 is available in several languages, including Spanish and Spanish. For more information, visit the game's official Facebook, YouTube, Discord and official forums page, or visit Netmarble's global YouTube channel.

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