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    5 good and cheap smartphones for gaming 2021

    On Youtube, there is no lack of list of smartphones for games.

    It's the easiest thing in the world to recommend, just tell you to buy a top of the line and that's it, you have a super machine in your hands.

    But not everyone has 5 thousand reais to give on a cell phone.

    Ah, but you can also opt for a gaaamer cell phone. uhhhh!

    And there's no shortage of options, right? It has ROG Phone 5, Lenovo Legion, Black Shark 4 and so on.

    All at the price of a kidney or a PS5.

    That's the problem with these lists. Not everyone is rich.

    Who has R$ 5 thousand reais to give a cell phone is beautiful, but in mere mortals we are already divided on spending something in the region of 3 thousand reais. In this price range, many gamers may even prefer to go to the consoles and buy an Xbox Series S, for example.

    Smartphone gamers are cool, but I believe that this type of device is more suitable for those who are going to produce content, or for the “ultra-addicted”, which is really a very small portion of the players.

    We, mere mortals, have to make do with ordinary cell phones, don't we?

    A Warning here. This list is for those who really don't want to spend a lot.

    It is for those looking for cheap smartphones that run most of today's games with ease.

    That's why we set a ceiling: R$ 1.600 reais.

    Video content:

    Anything above that, it's worth thinking about getting a POCO F3 that turns and moves is on sale below 1900 reais.

    Combined? Let's go to the list

    POCO M3 (~R$800)

    Launched recently (look at the term pun), the POCO M3 is the terror of Spanish cell phones when the scare is cost-effective.

    After all, if you have a little patience, you can get this smartphone for up to something around 800 reais.

    But if you don't have the patience to import this smartphone, you can find it in Spain costing around R$1200 reais.

    POCO M3 comes with snapdragon 662, 4GB RAM and 128GB. In other words, the basic kit to face the day to day of a common user.

    It will remind you of old Xiaomi models like Redmi Note 8. But the father's tip is, get the newest model. There will be support, update and who knows even a new version of Android.

    The POCO F3 is not quite a performance monster, but this processor with Adreno 610 GPU even turns well in games.

    It's not impressive, but you will be able to run all current games on medium or even low video settings at 60fps.

    A very basic smartphone model for those who don't want to spend a lot, but also don't want to be angry.

    Ah, it's worth remembering that this list is only for those who are going to play. If you intend to stream or record a lot of the screen during your games, then yes, we recommend more expensive models. Want a list of ideal cell phones to stream? Leave a comment there.

    - Redmi Note 10

    Who doesn't remember the best-selling Redmi Note 3.. eh good weather.

    The series that was Xiaomi's bestseller was successful until 2018 and has been kind of missing here since the emergence of the POCOPHONE F1.

    But the new Redmi Note 10 is really worth it.

    It was recently released and has already become a fever in the import groups.

    The Note 10 would be that “one step further” in relation to the POCO M3. Very similar settings, but slightly better performance.

    I recommend it to anyone looking to spend a little more.

    But not so much. Just go there close to 1000 reais. On top of that, it's already worth getting a POCO X3.

    – POCO X3 (~R$1.200) is the Poco X3 Pro

    Returning from the POCO brand, the X3 seems to have taken the F3's place in terms of value for money.

    With Snapdragon 700 and 800 line processors, POCO's X3 line fits there between a premium intermediate and a top of the line.

    Who did well was the consumer who won a beefy smartphone to run today's games without problems and without having to spend a lot of money.

    The POCO X3 costs around 1300 reais on Aliexpress and it is in this price range that things start to get interesting for the gaming crowd.

    With Snapdragon 732G, the X3 is already able to run the heaviest games on Google Play with some clearance.

    Of course, it's not the break that many want to record all their matches and stream without heating up their cell phone, but for those who are just going to play, it's a good size.

    POCO X3 and X3 Pro have 120hz refresh rate screens, which allows up to 120 frames per second in some games.

    The X3 Pro version is even more interesting for us gamers, as it has a Snapdragon 860 that is a Snapdragon 855 plus under another name.

    This processor is from 2019, but it is still very powerful and is excellent for both native Android games and emulation. It's the same processor as Asus' Gamer ROG Phone 2 smartphone.

    POCO X3 Pro can be found in the range of R$1.500 to 1.700 on aliexpress.

    In Spain, don't even try to buy it, here it's very expensive, and in that case, it's better to go to other national devices.

    Both the X3 and the Pro have liquid cooling and a giant battery. Anyway, they are the darlings here in terms of value for money, there is nothing better. A delight.

    - Realme 7 Pro

    I could recommend you the Realme 6 Pro, or 7 Pro or 8 Pro

    I find Realme a bit messy, but let's try to organize the ideas here.

    What? Do you think it's not messy? In less than a year, three Realme Pro were launched and all with Snapdragon 720G

    Here you will have to choose. The Realme 7 Pro has 8GB of RAM while the Real 8 Pro has better cameras but 6GB of RAM.

    Then there's the consumer. If you install a lot of games and use a lot of apps installed on your phone, choose the version with 8 GB of RAM.

    However, content nonetheless, I would prefer a POCO X3 Pro.

    This Realme 8 Pro is suitable for those who enjoy games, but also want a cool camera without spending a lot.

    A lot of people like Realme's proposal and we couldn't leave this top just with POCOphone, right?

    – Infinix Zero 8 (~R$ 1.1 mil)

    He arrived to tease the lives of Xiaomi, Realme and others. And also for those who don't like MediaTek chips

    The Infinix Zero 8 has no less than 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB and a processor identical to the Realme 6 and Remid Note 8 Pro.

    The heart of the Infinix Zero 8 is the Helio G90T, an overclocked chipset already thought to have good gaming performance.

    On Antutu, the device scores something around 290 points. It doesn't come close to tops of the line (or old ones), but it's enough for an intermediate device.

    Best of all is price! 1.100 reais when it's on sale.

    The only negative point of this smartphone is its Spanish, which is that of “Portugal”. Maybe an update for PT-BR will come soon.

    At the national level, things are more difficult.

    Where we look, we see a robbery, even more so in these times of crisis that we are in.

    Cell phones good for games? Hard to recommend something sold in Spain under 2 thousand reais.

    I recommend studying the subject together and trying to import. Even paying the full tax, which rarely happens, is still very much worth it.

    If you have doubts about the subject, look for groups on Facebook like the ones that are appearing on the screen.

    If I were to recommend something good and cheap for games, to buy now in Spain, I would recommend the Moto G9 Power or Moto G9 Plus if you can get it on sale.

    It's also worth taking a look at the Motorola G30 that just came out, but it's already on sale around, the highlight of this is the 90hz screen.

    But in reality, if I needed a cell phone for yesterday, I would get a used cell phone like Galaxy S9 or POCO F1.

    Why don't we mention the Samsung Galaxy M21s or A12 or LG cell phones.

    Guys, let's face it, LG has already died in the cell phone market, so investing in a smartphone like this is asking for a headache.

    Intermediate smartphones of the Galaxy line we are really prejudiced, because the vast majority come with Exynos processor, which are good processors, for any other activity, except for long games.

    When playing for many hours, they have crashes and a lot of thermal throttles, which is when the phone's processor will start to cover performance to avoid overheating.

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