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    5 Games for Android and iPhone that Surprised in 2017

    See the games for Android and iPhone that surprised the most in 2017. They're not the best games, but they're the games that were hugely successful or whose gameplay stood out.

    If you only follow free games, whether on Android or iOS, you can quickly get bored with a sea of ​​very similar games. Virtually every day an online RPG with automatic battles and anime visuals comes out. Blargh!

    But these five that we are going to present here were the big news of 2017. Whether as a public success or due to above-average quality. The games presented here were certainly featured this past year.

    Without further ado, let's start our list.

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    Last Day On Earth: Zombie Survival

    Last Day On Earth emerged after the first Durango betas, and may be a little more repetitive than the game that has not yet been released by Nexon. But what makes Last Day On Earth so special is its setting..

    The game is very reminiscent of how a survival game set in the zombie universe should be. Ideal for fans of zombie series like The Walking Dead.

    The fact that it's all in Spanish helps even more, and even with the colossal challenge of assembling vehicles to be able to go further, the game excels in above-average quality.

    The result is a success unlike anything seen in recent mobile gaming history. Last Day On Earth is one of the biggest hits of 2017, one of the most downloaded games and with the highest average number of players today.

    Small caveat: As of the publication date of the post/video, Durango has not yet been released globally. It is worth remembering that the game is only in beta in Spain.

    Download link

    Stranger Things: the Game

    The second season of the series Stranger Things is one of the highlights of 2017 in world entertainment. If you stop to imagine that in less than 3 days, 15 million people watched the second season. This is unbelievable, it's insane.

    Even with all the success, the merit of the Stranger Things game is not just because of the series. Alone, the game is great! One of the best adventure games of 2017.

    It is worth remembering that series and movie games are often problematic. This is so true that both Marvel and DC have given up on making games from the Thor Ragnarok and Justice League movies. They preferred to just port their heroes to existing games.

    But the Stranger things game is simply brilliant. It fits perfectly into the series' proposal. It's a game with a retro look, but it's not just that, it delivers gameplay worthy of a Super Nintendo game.

    We initially control the police officer Hopper and our mission is to rescue the boys. From there, both the plot and the difficulty complicate. And that's exactly where new characters appear and each one brings new mechanics. The game works more or less like a mix between The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past e Goof Troof (the one from Goofy from the Super Nintendo). Each character has unique abilities and the player needs them all to complete the game.

    Phew, to top it off it's worth saying that it's a completely free game, with no in-app purchases, no ads and offline! Did you like it or want more?

    Review and download link

    Colony Strikes Back

    Colônia Contra Ataca is the official game of the youtube channel of the same name. This here is not a jabá and much less “egg drooling”, the game created by the DoVale Games studio is by far one of the best platform games of 2017.

    Surprising! Both in terms of difficulty and game mechanics. Not to mention the most diverse references both to Mr Wilso's youtube channel and to old games.

    Best of all, the game is 100% offline and knows how to dose ads very well. The existing inline purchases are purely cosmetic and only exist if you are interested in collaborating with the project. Colony Strikes Back is a lesson in how free games should be.

    The affection with the players is something worth noting. First they released a version without on-screen buttons and with touch commands. But player feedback was quickly addressed and on-screen buttons were added and the character, Mr. wilso, no longer runs automatically.

    Download link

    Guns of Boom

    Now let's go straight to the game that is without a doubt the biggest blockbuster of 2017, Games of Boom my people!

    Man, phew, this game exploded in 2017. It was barely released and already has over 20 million downloads on both Android and iOS. In detail, the game was officially launched in May and in less than 10 months it has surpassed competitors such as Modern Combat 5 in number of players.

    The game famously arrived anticipating all the trends of 2017's shooters. Like auto-shooting, smaller match cycle and a more casual tone.

    But that's not to say that Guns of Boom is a silly game. The game is still a skill-requiring FPS, and if you're a skilled player, you're rewarded a lot with loot (unlike other titles).

    This footprint of not punishing the skilled player, made Guns of Boom one of the most played shooters of 2017. Another element of the game that stands out is the stability of the servers and the coding. Yes, thanks to a very well done programming, this multiplayer game runs without lag even over a 3G network of very poor quality. Sensational!

    Guns of Boom success analysis and download link

    NetEase and its Battle Royale games

    2017 is definitely the year of Battle Royale-style gaming on Android and iOS. The NetEase slut knew that very well. She brought two of her games that are still in beta in China straight to Google Play and Spain's App Store. Survivor Royale is the western version of Wilderness Action. While Rules of Survival, and the “battlegrounds” version of Terminator 2.

    A pleasant surprise, but a huge problem for the competition that still managed to put 25 to 30 players on a single map. NetEase arrived kicking the bucket and in both games you can put up to 100 players on a single gigantic map. This brought the true Battlegrounds experience to our mobile screen.

    Link to Download Rules of Survival

    Link to Baixar Survivor Royale

    Knives Out Download Link

    And those were the big positive surprises of 2017. Soon, we will post the negative surprises. Those games that were just in the hype.

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