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    5 Free and OFFLINE Games similar to GTA for Android

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    See 5 free games for Android that have many similarities with GTA. In this list we separate offline games, so you can have fun wherever you want, without worrying about internet connection.

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    Notice: It doesn't hurt to remember, but if you've just arrived from Mars or Limbo, know that: GTA III, San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and even GTA: Chinatown Wars, are available on Android.

    – Gangstar Vegas

    This one you remembered off the top of your head, right? Gangstar Vegas is the closest we have to a GTA (in my opinion it's more like Saint Row) which is free and doesn't require internet. Gameloft's game is not only similar to GTA, it has a great story and a series of activities for the character.

    Steal cars, planes, helicopters and live like a real gangster. Didn't like it? Then complete the missions to complete the story mode and end the reign of a great criminal villain. Gangstar Vegas is free, but you need to reserve a good amount of space on your cell phone. The game weighs about 2 GB.

    Link to Download the game on GOOGLE PLAY

    – San Andreas Crime City II

    The name says it all, doesn't it? San Andreas Crime City II is a game inspired by GTA San Andreas. The game has bad graphics, but in compensation it is quite light.

    The strong point of San Andreas Crime City II is the amount of vehicles to drive or pilot. Ride a bike, motorcycle, car or pilot planes and even jetpacks.

    Link to Download the game on GOOGLE PLAY

    – Miami Saints

    Clearly inspired by GTA Vice City, Miami Saints is a light game that runs on any cell phone. The game is not just your character loose on the city. There is a story and quests to complete.

    The game's map is not large, but the number of missions is well elaborated. It's nothing like Gangstar Vegas, but if your cell phone is weak, this game is great to pass the time.

    Link to Download the game on GOOGLE PLAY

    – Block City Wars

    Block City Wars is a mix of Minecraft and GTA V. This game has an incredible online mode full of fun, but its offline mode is also interesting.

    You are free in the city to do what you want. From stealing cars to flying in a jetpack. Even with the look of Minecraft Block City Wars is one of the best games on the list for having many features and still being accessible to all players.

    Link to Download the game on GOOGLE PLAY

    – Big Gangster 3D

    In Grand Gangster 3D there is no story or quests. Your objective is simply to strike terror in the city. For those who like GTA just to mistreat the good citizens, this is the ideal game.

    The objective is to cause as much damage as possible before the police catch you. The proposal is simple, but ideal for those looking for a GTA game just to “make it happen”.

    Link to Download the game on GOOGLE PLAY



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    [originally published June 30, 2017]

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