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    5 facts (one of them very naughty) about Gameloft

    Gameloft is one of the oldest and most recognized developers in the mobile world. Our darling GL began its history back in 2000. With an impressive list of hundreds of games released, this company is an icon in the mobile gaming market.

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    But we're not going to tell the full story of this great developer, that's a subject for a next post, and we're also not going to address tired topics like the fact that the founder of Gameloft is the brother of the founder of Ubisoft. What we came to bring here were 5 little-known facts about Gameloft.


    – Statue of Kal Wardin

    In 2010, Gameloft held a giveaway in partnership with the TouchGEN website for a miniature of the protagonist of the NOVA series, Kal Wardin. The initiative was to promote the release of NOVA 2 for iOS and Android.

    The statue is now legendary, and oddly enough, there are few images of it on the internet. There are even Gameloft fans who think it never existed. Pretty cool if it was mass produced. I would buy.

    – Exclusive control

    This curiosity here is not new, as it has already been revealed in the curiosity videos of Gameloft's own channel. In 2012, the company launched a bluetooth controller for iPad and iPhone, the Duo Gamer.

    Made in partnership with the company Duo Games, the kit is not only the controller itself, but also includes a stand with the company's logo to hold the iPad. Although little known by Android fans, the accessory is coveted by video game collectors.

    – Cards to download ringtones

    In 2005, Gameloft produced cards for downloading ringtones. Yes, ringtones, remember this craze? The cards guaranteed to download movie and game content such as music and wallpapers. It was a simpler time, where having thousands of songs on your cell phone was something unusual.

    These cards are very, very rare these days. If you have any cards from that era, leave a comment.

    – Gameloft was once Safadinha

    The mobile games market has always been on the sidelines of the so-called “main” markets. A popular genre back then, before app stores with “advertiser-friendly” content, were spicier games, for an adult audience (18+). Nowadays, this type of game is easily blocked on both Google Play and the App Store.



    This type of content had its audience on mobile, and Gameloft took advantage of this by releasing several games. Even titles like Asphalt had some naughty content like women in sexy poses.

    Between 2004 and 2009, Gameloft published games in the “Sexy Poker” series. The player was on a mission to beat attractive girls in a card game. The bets, in addition to money, involved pieces of clothing. But relax those who already have their hands shaking to know these games. None of them have nude scenes, no nudes! Just girls in short clothes and provocative poses.

    The game Sexy Blocks was also published at that time, which had the same idea regarding the models' clothes, but the game was in the Arkanoid style. Gameloft even registered the Sexy Bowling brand, but did not release games.

    – Gameloft's bizarre and hilarious podcast

    Between 2009 and 2012, Gameloft produced a series of videos on Youtube called Podcast. It was a creative period where Gameloft produced many premium titles and focused on the paying consumer. All this before the App Store and Google Play became this sea of ​​endless free games and full of in-app purchases.

    One of the attractions of the program was the duo Josh Goldberg and Naomi Kyle. Always with bizarre jokes and nonsense humor, the duo presented the company's main releases. The final episode with Josh and his “do whatever you want” list with the $$ given by Gameloft is one of the funniest.

    Naomi left Gameloft in 2011 and Josh in 2012. Gameloft's Podcasts were losing their relevance as most consumers preferred freemium games and the producer ended the idea in 2012.

    And these were the curiosities and oddities we have for now, remember any more? If you like posts about Gameloft or old games, please leave a suggestion.

    [originally published November 12, 2017]

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